WARE HOUSE lot.1001 501XX model color fading/ageing

Warehouse 1001, faded.

The classic Warehouselot.1001 has undergone several model changes, but I think this one is from the early 2000s.

I bought them used and wore them a few dozen times.

Warehouse 1001, faded.

warehouse 1001 color fadeing


It’s the standard, 14 oz, and has a moderate roughness.

Warehouse’s early models were also too rough and unique, but they are well-made staples, for better or worse.


Rather than falling in lines, it’s more like falling in dots.

It doesn’t have a strong stickiness, so I prefer to be able to wear it smoothly.

And yet, the strong attaches on the ears are a nice accent.

If the fabric is highly frayed, by the time you have worn it for a long time and the color has faded, the whole thing will turn white and you will need a lot of repair work, but this is a type that you don’t have to worry about.

I think the fabric will be at its best when it can be worn for a long time and when the color fades.

Hence, the color fading while the denim is darker may be a bit underwhelming.

I think they are originally brown ears, but they have lost their color and look pinkish.


The rivets are original to Warehouse.

I think the strength of the skin patch is strong.

WAREHOUSE 1001 silhouette and sizing

The silhouette is almost true to size (31″). 174cm 65kg with a slightly stocky build.

Warehouse 1001 sizing

For better or worse, THE STANDARD.

WAREHOUSE 1001 Silhouette

The crotch is deep there and a little shaved around the waist, so I guess the silhouette is a little feminine.


I would recommend Warehouse to anyone. The great thing is that no matter how anyone wears them, they will definitely fade well.

However, I personally don’t like the silhouette of Warehouse denim because they are cut off around the waist.

When I size up at the waist with my own body type, the silhouette of the pants is neither thick nor thin, and there is no distinctive feature.

For example, if a person with a rugby player’s body typewears them at the waist, a thick straight line will appear, which I think is cool, but if I were to wear them, I would have togo up two inches to get the same silhouette.

If you wear them with the waist just right, the silhouette will be tight around the waist and bulky around the thighs, making them difficult to use as a fashion statement.

I’d like to wear them more, though, because they have a lot of interesting products. The rest of the time, I see too many people wearing them, and I see too much color fading, so I don’t have enough fun with the unknowns, so I avoid Wearhouse in a bad way.

I don’t like the way whiskers look when I wear denim that is a size up, so at the moment I’ve become a brand that aims for large used items that people have worn.