Warehouse Deadstock Blue 1001XX (1915 model) color fade report vol.03

This is the third color fade report for WareHouse deadstock blue 1001XX (1915).

It has been 19 months since I started wearing them. I had been wearing them about three days a week after I had scrubbed them with a brush, because I was tired of the weak fade of the fabric.

But I still felt it was not enough, so I scrubbed it again with a brush and just washed it.

Warehouse DSB Faded

About 14 washings in 19 months.

The color fading was accelerated due in part to scrubbing with a brush.

*The brush is only scrubbing the whisker, not brushing the entire area.
*There are still some parts where the mud has not been removed.

Warehouse DSB 1001XX (1915) Overview

Purchase date: June 2021

Price: 35,200 yen

Denim for deadstock blue, using 7.5 x 7.5. Banner denim was 7 x 7 and weighed 13.5 oz, so I think it weighs about 12.5-13 oz.

I think it’s the same fabric as DSB’s XX models from the 1940s, “1000xx” and “1000zxx”, and the 1936 model “1004xx”.

Dyeing:This model is made of 50% natural indigo.

DSB 7.5 x 7.5 Fabric Features

Its greatest feature is that it is not stiff and has a strong bounce.

It has good bounce and graininess, but there is really no firmness, so the wisker will have to be forced at least during one-washing.

Other characteristics that I would raise are that it seems to have a strong graininess and high oil content.

Perforated environment and washing

Approximately 19 months. Worn on average about 3 days a week. Occasionally worn and brushed during muscle training.

I regularly stain them with mud and for the past six months I have been adding glue made from potato starch when I wash them.

Also, as mentioned in the fabric characteristics, the color was going to fade thinly without any crispness, so I wet brushed the fabric somewhat, rusted the buttons, and did some self-processing.



穿き込み開始から10ヵ月ほど経過した「ウエアハウス Dead Stock Blue 1001XX 1915年モデル」。DD(ダックディガー)シリーズとは一味違う色落ちが楽しめる生地で、穿き込みを楽しんでいました。ただ少しオー[…]

Color fading/ageing Report No.3

WAREHOUSE Deadstock Blue Faded

The atmosphere is as good as ever, with the tired fabric feel and puckering.

I just think the color fading is too accelerated all at once. The color density is adequate, but there is a haze of color characteristic of reproduction denim.

However, it contains 50% natural indigo, so the blue is beautiful.

The selvedge is not wavy, but it has a nice 1915 model look.

The mud hasn’t completely washed off yet, but I’m hoping that wearing them for a while, will adjust fading.

Almost no line tate-ochi. Good natural indigo coloration.

The aging around the pockets looks natural for having been brushed.

It has the feel of old oxidized denim.

The buttons are rusted with salt and the surface is gradually peeled off.

The face of this denim is the stitching. Puckering, graininess, etc. are all combined to create a great atmosphere.

The cinch back and suspender buttons are also rusted with salt.

I would like to see a little more red rust, but even after a few salt water dips, it is not covered in rust.

The color of the leather patches has also settled.

Not much twist at the hem. It is a fabric with no stiffness, so this is what you get.

The fabric is very uneven.


Once again, DSB fabrics are difficult to contrast.

Anyway, there is no firmness, so I think the only way is to create contrast while the fabric is still firm at the beginning of the wear.

However, the color has not faded dramatically even for those who have worn it for over a year without washing, so I don’t think the 7.5 x 7.5 fabric will fade as much as you think unless you wear it in a special environment.

If you want contrasting color fading, you must choose thicker fabrics, such as the World War II model.

After all, the base is 30’s XX fabric.

The look of this denim is quite different from the XX of the 40s and 50s.

Here again, I thought that DD’s banner denim is a reproduction of “fabric from the 30’s”.

Moreover, as for the fabric feel, I think it is early 30’s.
(as the 1937 XX seems to have a tighter grain in the fabric)

DSB is probably a model in the vein of DD, so it still shows similar color fading.

So I think it is exactly what we were aiming for as a replica of the 1915 model.

However, the fact that they are making replicas of the 40s and 50s with this fabric is not acceptable.

None of the brands are really foolish enough to make reproductions.


Nevertheless, I like this model. Even on the premise of adding color contrast by brushing, I think it is one that has a unique character and charm.


WAREHOUSE ウエアハウス Lot S1003XX(1000XX) 1942MODEL 大戦モデル