• 2021年10月4日

Resolute resizing – dryer and hemming

I got tired of the tight feeling of wearing just the right size of RESOLUTE, so I bought the 711, which is a size up, just for revenge. I bought a size two inches larger than the previous one, assuming I would be hanging the dryer around. They are still in a big state overall, but I would like to follow the process of making them just the right size from here on through the tapered drawing of the hem width and shrinkage by the dryer. narrower hem width The waist is 711 with a 32 inch waist and the […]

  • 2021年9月27日

Resolute’s greatest achievement is that it is just the right size and ages well in the dryer.

The concept of Resolute denim is very different from previous reproduction denim, and I think many people are anti-resolute. I also had a negative impression when I first picked up Resolute denim in a store. In the past, reproductions of denim, such as vivid color fading and unevenness of the fabric, gave us the pleasure of owning them as a finished product. Resolute is very different from these, the expression of the fabric is diluted, and the faded sample color remains light, so I thought it would be better to buy the original red ear. A few years later, I […]

  • 2021年9月26日

RESOLUTE 711 color fading record 1 year and 6 months vol.01

As a person who is used to reproduction denim from the 90’s, I wasn’t really attracted to the color fading of RESOLUTE, except for the bite on the ears. I felt it was a bit deliberate, but I wanted to try it out, so I bought a used one that hadn’t faded too much. I’ve worn them for about a year and a half since then, so I’d like to record the color fading. Overview Purchased: December 2017 Price: 27,000 yen The most famous Risorto is the 710, based on the 66 model, but the 711 is based on the […]