Warehouse Denim Faded

A sample of WAREHOUSE denim color fading. The color fading of WAREHOUSE denim varies depending on the time of release, with the 90’s being characterized by uneven fabric and a mixture of intense spotting and line fading, while the 00’s saw a change to a more relaxed fabric with whiskers and bites. In the ’00s, the fabric was a bit more subdued but still had a strong whisker and bite.

  • 2021年8月27日

WARE HOUSE lot.1001 501XX model

The classic Warehouselot.1001 has undergone several model changes, but I think this one is from the early 2000s. I bought them used and wore them a few dozen times. WAREHOUSE Fabric It’s the standard, 14 oz, and has a moderate roughness. Warehouse’s early models were also too rough and unique, but they are well-made staples, for better or worse. Rather than falling in lines, it’s more like falling in dots. It doesn’t have a strong stickiness, so I prefer to be able to wear it smoothly. And yet, the strong attaches on the ears are a nice accent. If the […]

  • 2021年8月22日

Warehouse Dead stock blue 1001XX (1915 model) fabric feel/size/shrinkage/fading prediction

I guess I’m completely stressed out from refraining from going out. While I still have some denim to wear, I bought a pair of dead stock blue (DSB) 1915 models. I’d like to take a look at the fabric texture and parts of the garment as it has been one-washed. As you can see in the pull-out photo, the fabric has strong shrinkage and a grainy texture. Deadstock Blue 1001xx (1915 model) Overview This model is equipped with specifications that allow jeans to enter mass production as a full-fledged “industrial product. The fabric is “7.5 x 7.5 yarn count” light […]