• 2023年1月22日

WAREHOUSE Japanese Denim Wrangler 11MW Prototype Faded

WAREHOUSE Japanese Denim Wrangler 11MW Prototype Faded I am not sure which of the two releases I have, but the part number seems to be lot.1008. Overview This is a Prototype of Wrangler 11MW. It looks like it originally had an archuate stitch, similar to Levi’s, but I bought a used one that had already had the stitches removed. The list price seems to have been 23,800 yen. Penetration period I bought it in such good condition that it was just starting to show signs of bite, and it has been 7 years. I wore them in my room for […]

  • 2022年7月25日

Warehouse Deadstock Blue 1001XX (1915 model) color fade report vol.02

Warehouse Deadstock Blue 1001XX (1915 model) color fade report vol.02 It has been 13 months since I started wearing it; it has passed one year, but the color has not faded that much since it is worn twice a week. About 12 washings in 13 months. I try to create a hard wearing environment by wearing it during frequent muscle training and brushing. Warehouse DSB 1001XX (1915) Overview Purchase date: June 2021 Price: 35,200 yen Fabric: Denim for deadstock blue, using 7.5 x 7.5. Banner denim was 7 x 7 and weighed 13.5 oz, so I think it weighs about […]

  • 2022年1月19日

WAREHOUSE DEAD STOCK BLUE – Is the new line denim that’s out of the over-specs?

There doesn’t seem to be any official release information from WAREHOUSE, but it seems that the 25th anniversary commemorative denim release will continue. I had thought that the anniversary denim was not as special as it has been lately, but this denim seems to be a separate line of denim, not a customization of parts. WAREHOUSE DEAD STOCK BLUE This information was taken from Earth Market’s shopping page. It is a “BLUE” created by “time. The “DEAD STOCK BLUE” created by the American climate. The inside of a general store in a ghost town, where time has stopped. The time […]

  • 2021年8月27日

WARE HOUSE lot.1001 501XX model color fading/ageing

The classic Warehouselot.1001 has undergone several model changes, but I think this one is from the early 2000s. I bought them used and wore them a few dozen times. WAREHOUSE Fabric It’s the standard, 14 oz, and has a moderate roughness. Warehouse’s early models were also too rough and unique, but they are well-made staples, for better or worse. Rather than falling in lines, it’s more like falling in dots. It doesn’t have a strong stickiness, so I prefer to be able to wear it smoothly. And yet, the strong attaches on the ears are a nice accent. If the […]

  • 2021年8月22日

Warehouse Dead stock blue 1001XX (1915 model) fabric feel/size/shrinkage/fading prediction

I guess I’m completely stressed out from refraining from going out. While I still have some denim to wear, I bought a pair of dead stock blue (DSB) 1915 models. I’d like to take a look at the fabric texture and parts of the garment as it has been one-washed. As you can see in the pull-out photo, the fabric has strong shrinkage and a grainy texture. Deadstock Blue 1001xx (1915 model) Overview This model is equipped with specifications that allow jeans to enter mass production as a full-fledged “industrial product. The fabric is “7.5 x 7.5 yarn count” light […]

  • 2021年8月19日

Japanese Denim (Made in Japan, Okayama) Recommendation: “Color Fading”

Denim made in Japan has gained great support from all over the world. Even if you know they are good, it is hard to know which one to choose when you first buy one. I would like to introduce my own recommended brand as a reference when choosing your “first pair of denim made in Japan”. Features of Japanese Denim Most denim made in Japan uses old looms to weave uneven fabric. The unevenness creates a unique unevenness that gives the fabric its flavor. This unevenness is adjusted manually by craftsmen, and the high quality of denim made in Japan […]