Warehouse 1001 color fade report – soil aging may be working

The “Warehouse 1001” had been neglected for several years.

When I looked at it again after a long time, the coloring of the selvedge was so intense that I reviewed it and said, “It’s amazing how the color has faded,” and I wore it on a whim for a few months.

I wanted to see how the color faded when I wore it until it was crumbly, so I tried washing it more frequently and staining it with dirt.


土エイジングの発端はこれ「デニムの育て方 - 旅編」。汗をかいて、砂埃がある環境でデニムを履き続けていると、古着の匂いがした。これを無理に再現するために、デニムを土で汚してエイジングするというシンプル極まりないお話です。[…]

ウエアハウス 色落ち

WareHouse 1001 color fade

Warehouse 1001, faded.

The overall color has faded and lost its crispness, but this can’t be helped.

It is the fate of a reproduction brand, made to be crisp even when worn normally.

The more crisp it becomes, the less persistent it will be after the color fades. That is how easy it is for the fabric to fade.

Fabric close-up

Warehouse 1001, color faded 3

However, when viewed close-up, the fabric texture is properly alive.

It does not look white out because the soil has been rubbed off and the dirt has not been completely removed.

Warehouse 1001, faded.

Half of the stitches have been removed. It will look better when the color fades one more step.

I like the way the selvedge comes out. I feel It comes out a little too much, though.

The fabric around the knees has weakened considerably and is likely to develop a small hole in a little while.

Silhouette of WareHouse 1001

174cm 65kg, slightly stocky build, wearing 31″.

It was a little big, so I put it in the dryer only once.

It looks thicker because of the slight slant, but it is a little more slender when viewed from the front.

It is easy to see the thickness from the side. It is slightly thick and straight.

Waist is almost perfect without a belt, and the fit could be lowered by 1 inch.

For my body type, the silhouette of the warehouse has excess hip to the side.

The waist area is shaved and the hips are large horizontally, so it would look really nice if a girl with big hips wore it.

Better than I expected!

I thought it would lose more and more of its flavor as I wore it in from here, but it betrayed my expectations in a good way.

You can hardly tell from the picture, but I think it works because the dirt stains it and it is not white.

I would like to let the color fade a little more while continuing the soil aging. However, if I wash it thoroughly with detergent, the soil will come right off, so I will wash it lightly with water until it sets. (I know no one will do this).

It’s called Deadstock of Blue in my own way.

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