Old Joe McCoy’s 905 – too fast and ambitious with natural color fading

McCoys faded.

The former Real McCoys (formerly Joe McCoys) 905.

This model was released after the 901, which was famous for its strong tate-ochi fading. Compared to the 901, this model had a more mature color fading and was not much talked about.

It is surprising that McCoy’s, a company that can make heavily faded denim, would make a model like this in the 1990s, when denim with a wide silhouette and whisker strong.

Joe McCoy's 905, faded.

Old McCoy's denim, faded.

This model is a 1947 reissue, a model that each brand focuses on, McCoy’s may have attempted to faithfully reproduce it.

The silhouette is also slightly wide and straight, which is probably close to the original.


This is a reproduction of 1947 jeans, which is said to be the perfection of jeans. 1947 replica is a royal line after 901 became a hot topic, so I think this model was produced with a lot of care and attention.

Released: 1996 (?)
Price: 22,800 yen

Old McCoy’s 905 fabric

McCoy's Faded

McCoys faded.

At the time of its release, the color fade lacked impact, but now it is a good feeling.

I feel that if you put the Arcuate in this, it would be closer to the original than the LVC.

McCoy's tate-ochi

It is a heavy fabric, as it weighs 14.75 ounces.

There is a good balance between point drop and tate-ochi.

McCoy's denim, faded.

The knee area where the fades is the most intense. It gives a delicate impression.

A little more nepiness would be closer to the original.

The hip fades are also good and natural.

Hachino-su is also moderately included.


Is the skin patch a sheep? I like that it is not shiny or cured.

Top button. Notation “Joe McCoy.”

The rivets are also “Joe McCoy”. The rivets are atmospheric and beautiful.

The back of the coin pocket is of course XX specification.

It is pink selvedge. Fabric twists are modest.

The texture is moderately uneven, and you can feel the moistness of the fabric.

Impressions of the former McCoy’s 905

The higher ounce of fabric, modest fading, and silhouette similar to the original make this denim more likely to be supported today.

Like the original, it is unlikely to fade crisply unless worn hard in today’s environment.

Personally, I would like to see this model in a silhouette of about 66.


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