WAREHOUSE Japanese Denim Wrangler 11MW Prototype Faded

WAREHOUSE Japanese Denim Wrangler 11MW Prototype Faded

I am not sure which of the two releases I have, but the part number seems to be lot.1008.

Warehouse Faded Wrangler


This is a Prototype of Wrangler 11MW.

It looks like it originally had an archuate stitch, similar to Levi’s, but I bought a used one that had already had the stitches removed.

The list price seems to have been 23,800 yen.

Penetration period

I bought it in such good condition that it was just starting to show signs of bite, and it has been 7 years. I wore them in my room for several years, and the color faded more slowly than I had imagined.

Frequency of washing

If I felt it was uncomfortable to wear, I would wash it. As loungewear, maybe 5 hours a day, every 10 days or so.

11MW prototype fabric

Wrangler 11MW Prototype

Left twill weave with American Memphis cotton, There is no selvage.

The fabric is very dense. The weave direction is different, but it looks like “Duck Digger” or “Warren”, which are different labels of Warehouse.

The ounces feel about the same, so it must be about 14.5~15 ounces.

However, the fabric’s unevenness is modest, and the color is likely to fade elegantly.

“tate-ochi” is a line type, similar to LEE, but the shading between the line drop and the non-line drop is distinct.

The LEE is going to fade lighter overall, while the Wrangler is going to fade with more color remaining and tate-ochi running randomly.

I like the way the color fades, but it is hard to remove the color.

One of the reasons why it is hard to remove the color is that the color fades slowly, but it also has a deep inseam and a thick silhouette. Also, the fabric feeling when one-washed is not y denim, so the main reason is that it is not worn more often.


The top button has an austere font with a lasso motif.

Coin pocket. Of course, there is no selvage on the back.

Side bite and rivets. I quite like this tate-ochi running vertically.

One more piece or so of line fall.

There is not much twist in the hem, but I think it is more twisted than the LEE model.


I am 174cm 65kg and wear 32 inches with a justified waist.

The silhouette is thick, as it was made in the 1940s. There is quite a bit of room, especially in the hip and waist area.

It looks flared, but the hem width is 21.7 cm.

I don’t have big hips, but they look big. I don’t have big hips, but they look bigger.

I like the back view.


The fabric and silhouette are quirky, so it is quite difficult to decide how to wear this denim.

I’m sure I’ll think it’s austere when I see other people wearing it, and I like it a lot as long as I hold it in my hands and look at it, but I don’t think I can let it fade in the usual way.

I’m sure they will look cute if I wear them until they become ragged and my wife, who I have not seen yet, wears them in an oversized size. With this as motivation, I decided to try wearing them a little more.