• 2023年1月28日

Japanese denim a little new fabric & fadeing brand recommendation

Now that I have been wearing reproduction denim for about 20 years and have worn major brands to some extent, I will simply introduce denim that I would like to wear. CANTON As the first denim brand made in Japan, CANTON was established in 1963 and is well known to denim fans from long ago. During the heyday of reproduction denim in the 1990s, the brand self-replicated its own denim, but to be honest, it was not very well made and we had forgotten about its existence. In recent years, the brand has collaborated with Margaret Howell and provided uniforms […]

  • 2023年1月23日

Rugged Style & Loopwheel T-Shirt Recommendation

Materials and manufacturing methods are the key to a simple T-shirt style. Well-made products are comfortable to wear and give you a different sense of satisfaction when you wear them. On this page, we will introduce plain T-shirts and pocket T-shirts of brands that manufacture products while preserving old manufacturing methods such as “suspension knitting” and “loop wheel” as well as denim, which we are particular about. Merz b.Schwanen In 1936, a circular knitting machine was brought to Schwaben-Schura in southwestern Germany and the company began producing cotton items that were more comfortable than the linen undergarments that were common […]

  • 2023年1月16日

How to Grow Japanese Rigid Denim – Traveling: The Influence of Travel on Denim

I want to grow denim like vintage. Everyone who loves denim has at one time or another thought about how to do this. Recreate vintage era environments So the first thing to consider is to recreate the environment of that time. It’s going to try wearing them without removing the paste, just as they were worn in their rigid state back then. Burying denim in the ground to recreate the denim that was lying dormant during the Gold Rush. To reproduce the physical work, the pants are used for squatting, muscle training, and yard work. To reproduce the strong bite […]

  • 2023年1月13日

The “starch challenge” to make blackened denim with glue

Inspired by the red clay challenge I saw on Instagram, I started a starch challenge. What is the Starch Challenge? You may be wondering, so I will explain. Interview with Mr. Tsujimoto, President of McCoy’s The original article is unknown, but it’s about vintage denim that may have darkened and faded. In the past, we used natural materials such as starch and cornstarch for glue. So when rigid denim was worn in the sun, the glue would oxidize and change color, turning it a light brown.” that’s so. I also see that in the past, many people wore jeans without […]

  • 2022年5月2日

Painter and Wide Japanese denim pants Recommendation

Wide pants, such as painted pants and utility pants, accentuate summer fashion. Voluminous pants that can be worn with just a T-shirt and pants are very useful. From among the many wide pants available, I pick out recommendation for “good faded Japanese denim“. Painter / Wide denim is often seasonal First, denim in painters and wide silhouettes is often a seasonal collection. Under these circumstances, we can recommend “denim that can be bought year-round” as a standard product. orslow Vintage updated with a modern look. Reproductions without compromising fashion. We examine clothes with “originality” and create them. orslow designs “slow” […]

  • 2021年9月27日

Resolute’s greatest achievement is that it is just the right size and ages well in the dryer.

The concept of Resolute denim is very different from previous reproduction denim, and I think many people are anti-resolute. I also had a negative impression when I first picked up Resolute denim in a store. In the past, reproductions of denim, such as vivid color fading and unevenness of the fabric, gave us the pleasure of owning them as a finished product. Resolute is very different from these, the expression of the fabric is diluted, and the faded sample color remains light, so I thought it would be better to buy the original red ear. A few years later, I […]

  • 2021年8月19日

Japanese denim brand TOP5 “Japanese selected” Recommend

Since the reproduction jeans boom of the 1990s, Japanese denim has become a world-class product. Unevenly woven fabrics, which are made without regard to production time and effort, produce unique color fading. But even if you know they are good, it is hard to know which one to choose when you are buying for the first time. I would like to introduce my own recommended brand as a reference when choosing your “first pair of denim made in Japan”. Features of Japanese Denim Most denim made in Japan uses old looms to weave uneven fabric. The unevenness creates a unique […]