• 2023年2月16日

Warehouse 1001 color fade report – soil aging may be working

The “Warehouse 1001” had been neglected for several years. When I looked at it again after a long time, the coloring of the selvedge was so intense that I reviewed it and said, “It’s amazing how the color has faded,” and I wore it on a whim for a few months. I wanted to see how the color faded when I wore it until it was crumbly, so I tried washing it more frequently and staining it with dirt. WareHouse 1001 color fade The overall color has faded and lost its crispness, but this can’t be helped. It is the […]

  • 2021年8月27日

WARE HOUSE lot.1001 501XX model color fading/ageing

The classic Warehouselot.1001 has undergone several model changes, but I think this one is from the early 2000s. I bought them used and wore them a few dozen times. WAREHOUSE Fabric It’s the standard, 14 oz, and has a moderate roughness. Warehouse’s early models were also too rough and unique, but they are well-made staples, for better or worse. Rather than falling in lines, it’s more like falling in dots. It doesn’t have a strong stickiness, so I prefer to be able to wear it smoothly. And yet, the strong attaches on the ears are a nice accent. If the […]