Real McCoy’s

  • 2023年2月26日

Old Joe McCoy’s 905 – too fast and ambitious with natural color fading

The former Real McCoys (formerly Joe McCoys) 905. This model was released after the 901, which was famous for its strong tate-ochi fading. Compared to the 901, this model had a more mature color fading and was not much talked about. It is surprising that McCoy’s, a company that can make heavily faded denim, would make a model like this in the 1990s, when denim with a wide silhouette and whisker strong. This model is a 1947 reissue, a model that each brand focuses on, McCoy’s may have attempted to faithfully reproduce it. The silhouette is also slightly wide and […]

  • 2023年1月4日

Real McCoy’s LEE 101B Fading color

The LEE 101B was produced by Real McCoys in collaboration with EDWIN. It is a reissue of the LEE model that I want to take my time with, but since the color fades slowly, it has been more than a decade since I somehow continued this time again. In the end, we decided to try buying used ones that had faded, and if they fit right, we would try wearing rigid ones. The leather patches had been removed and the garment looked roughly worn, but the bite was weak. I think this is a characteristic of the LEE model, which […]