Warehouse Painter Pants Fading Record: 2 Years 6 Months vol.01

Even Warehouse, the most famous denim company for its emphasis on fading, doesn’t see many faded samples of its painted pants.

As a lover of painted pants, I started wearing them with a sense of destiny, but the color has not faded for the length of time they have been worn.

warehouse painter, color fade

warehouse painter, color fade


Purchased: February 2017

Price: 19,800 yen

Penetration period

I wore them twice a week when I was working in Thailand, where I moved to. Since most of the time I wear them indoors, the color does not fade dramatically fast even if I wear them in Thailand, where it is summer in Japan.

Frequency of washing

I had to wash them after three times of wearing them. After the fourth day in Thailand, if I sat still indoors, I could smell a faint odor.

Fabric Characteristics

I have worn several pair of painted pants and ARMY-type denim pants, but the fabric is by far the stiffest.

The dyeing is also dark, so it is what we call a tough one. It has been washed a lot, so there are not many bites on it.

But the color residue is dark for the number of washes. It is still a tough one.


Personally, I like the brand tag placed here a little bit because it is my favorite part.

The top button is “UNION MADE”. I don’t know much about it because I am not picky about parts.

This is the back of the suspender button. I live in Thailand, I sweat a lot even when I wear it to work, so it is very rusty.

Since there are many washes, I guess it is the effect of sloughing during washing plus perspiration.

I basically wear them without a belt, so waist adjustment is an important point for me, and this cinch-back is a thin fabric, but it can be fixed firmly and has a nice bite.

This is a very favorable point.

Triple stitching on the outside sides and fabric feel. The bite on the sides is stiff, but I like the way the color fades.

The fabric is stiff, but has the advantage of being cool for summer wear.

Silhouette and size

174cm 65kg Wears 31 inches. Wear the waist just right with the back cinch turned up to the maximum.

Warehouse Painter Silhouette

The silhouette is tight around the waist, typical of Warehouse.

It is not tapered and seems somewhat stiff.

It has a silhouette that falls perfectly. It is a masculine and cool line.

Warehouse Painter Silhouette and Sizing

The waist has a little room to spare. Due to my martial arts background, I have a thicker waist and thighs than most people, which gives me a rather tight impression.


I think it is a replica around 30’s, but the waist is tight as a painter.

They are also worn true to size, giving them a slightly stiff impression rather than a silhouette typical of painter’s pants.

The color fades slowly and the fabric is stiff, which makes me feel faint, but I am happy to see the color fading, and it makes me want to wear them a little longer.

It’s going to take some time, but the finished product is going to look pretty cool when it fades!

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