JELADO 301XX color fade record vol.05 1 year and 8 months

ジェラード 301XX 経変変化 色落ち

It has been 20 months since the start of wearing. This is the 5th color fading report.

It has been six months since the last time. I wear it three days a week, and it has changed quite a bit as it is time for the color fading to accelerate in terms of stages.

JLADO 301xx, faded, age-toned.

In 20 months, about 30 washes.

Overview of JELADO 301XX

Purchase date: end of September 2020

About a week after I bought them, I hemmed them up and started wearing them in.

The features of 301XX are summarized below, and you may want to take a look at the separate article.




Perforated environment and washing

About 18 months. I wore it 5 days a week for the first 8 months, but for the past year I have been wearing it 2-3 times a week.

I also wear them after work for flexibility and strength training to work up a light sweat.

I usually wash them about 30 times, and for the past year I have been washing them after wearing them for 5-6 days, using detergent once every 3 times.

For the past six months, I have been brushing it dry frequently to increase the friction of the fabric.

I regularly stain them with mud and for the past six months I have been adding glue made from potato starch when I wash them.

Color fade report 5th

JELADO 301XX, ageing, color fading.

This is the phase where the indigo contrasts with the areas where it has completely fallen off, and the full picture emerges, including the potential of this denim.

The color fading in the hip area is not biased toward the center, and the color fades throughout.

This is a characteristic of fabrics without excessive unevenness.

Tate-ochi is a fine line and not point fading.

A slight pull gives it a more vintage look.

It is a flat fabric, but it has a dry feel and a good atmosphere.

However, it does not have the feel of stodgy USA cotton, but is rather moist.

Kaminari is also wonderful.

It is often worn tucked in, the color around the top button has faded the most.

The top button had been rusting in unnoticed.

The puckering and the fabric on the back side are not bad.

I hated the red tabs that were so new looking, but It finally got to do a little of that.

The leather patches have dulled in color and shrunk a bit due to the air wash, a high-temperature washing process.

301XX Silhouette

From the early days, the silhouette has been collapsing to fit my body shape,

Please be patient with the picture of the dress at the time of purchase.


The color is fading and the denim is finally starting to look like denim with atmosphere.

I also feel that the “mud growing” + “brushing” is having a positive effect.

I also feel that the additional glue made from potato starch (potato starch) has affected the indigo color somewhat.

I will try to summarize the effects of these areas and the summary of this denim together with JELADO’s development story, so I will see you again in another article.


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