Warehouse Deadstock Blue 1001XX (1915 model) color fading/ageing report vol.01

WAREHOUSE Deadstock Blue Faded

This is the 1st color fading/ageing report for WareHouse deadstock blue 1001XX (1915).

Eight months have passed since I started wearing them, but the fabric is thin and the silhouette is thick.

In addition, the color has not faded much due to the fact that it is worn two to three days a week.

WAREHOUSE Deadstock Blue Faded 01

WAREHOUSE Deadstock Blue Faded 02

5 washes in 8 months.

I wear it during muscle training every now and then and brush it off.

Warehouse DSB 1001XX (1915) Overview

Purchase date: June 2021

Price: 35,200 yen

Denim for deadstock blue, using 7.5 x 7.5. Banner denim was 7 x 7 and weighed 13.5 oz, so I think it weighs about 12.5-13 oz.

I think it’s the same fabric as DSB’s XX models from the 1940s, “1000xx” and “1000zxx”, and the 1936 model “1004xx”.

Dyeing:This model is made of 50% natural indigo.

Penetration period

About 8 months. Worn 2 to 3 days a week. Occasionally worn during muscle training and brushing.

Color fading/ageing Report #1

The fluff has just been removed a little and the fabric is starting to feel a little more like fabric.

WAREHOUSE Deadstock Blue Faded

The back has more expression. The graininess is amazing.

The bite on the front buttons is well visible because of frequent muscle training and light brushing while tucked in.

The ears are still thin, but they will come out in their own way as I wear them in.

Considering that this place is a 1915 model, I think it’s thin enough.

Along with the ears, what you will understand is the texture of the fabric. The fabric is not stiff, but it has a bouncy feel that makes the fabric stand out.

The most faded part of the beard is still at this level.

The back pocket also has a nice bouncy feel to the fabric.


Top button on the front. Rust is clean as it was originally there.

The rivets were originally aged as well, so there is not much change (I can’t really see the change).

The ears don’t get twisted much. Since the fabric is not twisted well, it will not twist much.

warehouse dead stock blue fadeing

The cinchback area is well worn with quicksand. It has a nice atmosphere.


When I saw the first wash, I thought, “It looks like banner denim.

I was worried about enjoying the color fading, but now I see a different atmosphere in terms of the thinness and firmness of the fabric.

The dryness of the fabric is especially good, and I’m starting to have hopes that it might have a nice, faded vintage look.

That’s why I’m currently accelerating the wearing process. In my next report, I’ll try my best to make them a little more flattering.