WAREHOUSE DEAD STOCK BLUE – Is the new line denim that’s out of the over-specs?

There doesn’t seem to be any official release information from WAREHOUSE, but it seems that the 25th anniversary commemorative denim release will continue.

I had thought that the anniversary denim was not as special as it has been lately, but this denim seems to be a separate line of denim, not a customization of parts.


This information was taken from Earth Market’s shopping page.


It is a “BLUE” created by “time. The “DEAD STOCK BLUE” created by the American climate. The inside of a general store in a ghost town, where time has stopped. The time that has accumulated in the stagnant air that seems to refuse to allow people to enter.

Old stock denim garments that have been waiting for their masters for a long time. Stacked in a veil, they look brand new at first glance. These denim garments have been “maturing” over time without being noticed.

Indigo has been oxidized to “dead stock blue” from the blueit was when it was dyed and woven in the distant past.The unique appearance of denim fabric, backed by the passage of time, has been recreated using all the techniques we have accumulated over the past 25 years.

From the leather label, buttons, and rivets to the sewing thread and even the sewing machine setup required for sewing, this is the pinnacle of the label, created with so much heart and soul that it can be said to be “nothing more.

In the fall of 2020, when we celebrate our 25th anniversary, what we want to show you most is not something that is limited in quantity, but something that is very special.
It is the “pinnacle” on which our accumulated technology is based.

What you’re looking for is in WAREHOUSE.”
This is what the Shiotani brothers, the founders of the company, were told by a vintage dealer in the U.S. when they went to the U.S. before launching Woolhouse.

DEAD STOCK BLUE” is exactly what it says. This is the peak of the highest peak that WAREHOUSE has reached over the past 25 years.

I can feel the effort that WareHouse put into this.

The denim seems to have been released at the time of the 25th anniversary, not as a limited edition item as stated in the text. It is not a limited item, but the pinnacle of the label. From the part number, it seems to be a regular product in the future.




6.7 x 6.6 Pinkselvic WW2 Denim
Iron tuck button Copper plated button back
Iron copper plated rivets
100% rayon, yarn-dyed pink pith name
Vegetable Tanning Diaskin Label
Paint-printed stitching


It looks like a big war model. The selvic is pink-eared, and the fabric has a heavy impression. From the yarn count, it seems to be about 14.25 oz. I don’t think the fading will run much.

I think that Warehouse, while claiming to be an exact replica, has changed the fabric and dyeing quite a bit, but I wonder if they are faithfully reproducing the fabric from the World War II models and oxidizing the indigo.

Personally, I wish they had no rayon tabs and white ears.




7.5 × 7.5 Pink Selvedge Denim
Iron tuck button Copper plated button back
Iron copper plated rivets
100% rayon, yarn-dyed pink pith name
Vegetable Tanning Diaskin Label


Personally, this is the one I’m most interested in. The fabric cousin is 7.5 x 7.5.

Since the banner denim was 7 x 7, this denim would be about 12.75 oz, and after washing and shrinking the fabric, it would be about 13.5 oz. As I prefer lower ounces, I’m happy about this.


It’s completely my personal speculation, but I think it’s really about trying to revive the denim of that time in a modern way.

In the 90’s and 00’s, they were called replica jeans, but I think they were made to have a vintage look even when worn in today’s environment. This is the reason why they are called “over-spec”jeans.

I think the faded color of vintage clothing is due to the fact that it was worn during labor, daily hard work, and contact with dirt and dust.

People who actually wear Levi’s xx say that the color doesn’t fade like vintage even if you wear it normally, and looking at the color fading of the LVC series, etc., I think Japanese denim is going the original route and has been perfected with one-wash as its peak.

The trend is to move away from over-specification.

I think there are more and more items that are close to the originals in terms of fabric and color fading, such as one piece of rock’s S series and Hand on’s denim.

Jelado, which originally went in the direction of originality, is planning to release denim that further reproduces the originality. In short, denim that doesn’t fade too badly when worn normally is becoming the trend for the future.

I think the banner denim of WareHouse was relatively in that direction, and looking at the popularity of one piece of rock, the market for faithful reprints of the originals has been building.

In the past, denim that has good color fading has become the norm, and to be honest, the main people who buy this kind of denim don’t want denim.

I imagine that Warehouse was anticipating this situation when they launched the product.

Personally, I welcome this situation, and I’m sure I’ll buy 1000XX.

If only they could make the silhouette more modern – it would be great.