Japanese denim brand TOP5 “Japanese selected” Recommend

Japanese Denim Recommended

Since the reproduction jeans boom of the 1990s, Japanese denim has become a world-class product.

Unevenly woven fabrics, which are made without regard to production time and effort, produce unique color fading.

But even if you know they are good, it is hard to know which one to choose when you are buying for the first time.

I would like to introduce my own recommended brand as a reference when choosing your “first pair of denim made in Japan”.

Features of Japanese Denim

Most denim made in Japan uses old looms to weave uneven fabric.

The unevenness creates a unique unevenness that gives the fabric its flavor.

This unevenness is adjusted manually by craftsmen, and the high quality of denim made in Japan is a feature of denim made in Japan, without regard to profitability.

In addition, the Japanese attention to detail in sewing and parts is also a factor that attracts enthusiasts from all over the world.

Recommended brands of denim made in Japan (color fading)

Here we will introduce a brand that focuses on “vintage denim reproductions” with particular attention to color fading.

The reason why we call it the“Fading Arc”is because it has the following main features.

1. Reproduction of vintage color fading to the ultimate level, including silhouette and other aspects of the old era.
(Denim that pursues the historical background and color fading of vintage)

2. High quality denim made in Japan, with a modern updated silhouette.
(Denim made of high quality fabric as fashion)

I’ll introduce you to the number 1 brand.


The center of vintage reproduction “WareHouse”

Warehouse is a brand that cannot be dismissed when talking about the fading of Japanese denim.

Since the “replica jeans boom” of the late 1990s, Warehouse has consistently continued to produce denim that is particular in a geeky way.

Even in the 00’s, when the Japanese denim boom had settled down, the brand continued to vigorously update its commitment, and without Warehouse, the continued popularity of the reproduction brand would not have been possible.

This is a brand that cannot be avoided when talking about denim color fading.

Recommended model 1001xx

The flagship model of WareHouse with 20 years of history.
The denim is created by dismantling and studying denim banners from the 1930s. The brand’s theme of “faithful reproduction of vintage” is also thoroughly adhered to in sewing.

Price: ¥23,100

Note that Warehouse has many models with the part number 1001xx.

It is hard to say which one is the best because each one has its own merits, but I would recommend the basic 1001xx, both in terms of price and in terms of getting to know the Warehouse.

The DD-1001xx (1947 and other limited models) and the 1000xx of the DSB (Dead Stock Blue) series will be the denim that will represent Wearhouse in the future.

This is a brand that represents reproductions and is particular about sewing and parts to the ultimate.

The silhouette from the thighs to the knees is unique and not straight when viewed from the front.

Official website

Official color fading samples

“Shirodenim.com” Warehouse color fading sample


Full Count

The comfort and elegant color fading of Zimbabwe cotton is unique.

This brand is made of high-grade cotton, “Zimbabwe cotton,” which has a smooth feel and faded color.

It has been more than 20 years since its release, but no denim has ever surpassed this comfort level.

The fabric is unique in its smooth texture, and is one of the few denims that are not difficult to wear in the summer.

Recommended Model 1101

This model is a reproduction of the Levi’s XX from 1953.
The 0105 used to be the flagship, but after improving the silhouette in 2019, I think the 1101 is the most representative model of the full count.

Price: ¥25,080

Comfortable to wear, made of high quality Zimbabwean cotton used for dresses.

The fabric is soft, so it will sag a little when worn in.

Official website

“Full-count color fading sample from “shirodenim.com


TCB Jeans

Recent surge in popularity! A denim brand based in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture.

TCB Jeans is a factory brand of a sewing factory located in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. The company makes products from the era known as “vintage” with attention to detail to maximize their appeal.

Recommended model 50’s

TCB standard model made to reproduce the Levi’s 501’s xx paper patches of the 50’s.

Price: ¥20,350

The fabric is firm, 13.5 oz. and light, but has a crisp color fade.

The straight waist area gives a hard-edged impression.

Official website


created by Rinker
TCB jeans(TCBジーンズ)
¥24,640(2024/06/20 00:31:26時点 Amazon調べ-詳細)


Original American casual brand “JELADO” based on vintage clothing

Recommended Model 301xx

We disassembled the DEAD STOCK fabric of Levi’s 501XX from the early 1950’s, and selected it from cotton with a focus on US cotton. The 14oz denim fabric is made using a scientific approach that includes the thickness of the yarn, the length of the fibers, and the number of twists.

Price: ¥27,500

Probably the most accurate reproduction of the vintage 501xx in the history of reproduction.

Unique silhouette with a deep crotch and tight waist

Official website

“shirodenim.com” JELADO color fading sample


created by Rinker
¥27,500(2024/06/19 20:49:55時点 楽天市場調べ-詳細)


A fashion brand that creates clothes born from America’s real history, aiming for the highest level of quality while being inspired by the fabrics, details, and parts found in vintage clothing.

Recommended model 601xx (1947)

It is made of 14oz denim fabric with a natural color fade with nep and a moderate twill and roughness. The silhouette and other features give this pair a masculine feel.

Price: ¥30,800

The most beautiful silhouette among the reprodution brands.

The color fade is a little wild.

Official website