Rugged Style & Loopwheel T-Shirt Recommendation

Materials and manufacturing methods are the key to a simple T-shirt style. Well-made products are comfortable to wear and give you a different sense of satisfaction when you wear them.

On this page, we will introduce plain T-shirts and pocket T-shirts of brands that manufacture products while preserving old manufacturing methods such as “suspension knitting” and “loop wheel” as well as denim, which we are particular about.

Merz b.Schwanen

In 1936, a circular knitting machine was brought to Schwaben-Schura in southwestern Germany and the company began producing cotton items that were more comfortable than the linen undergarments that were common at the time. The collections are all authentic and inspired by the artisan garments of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

Merz b.Schwanen

The classic production process and craftsmen’s skillful details and techniques have been revived as they were in those days with the support of traditional knitwear producers in “Swabian Shura”, the land of the company’s foundation. All bodies are produced on old-style circular knitting machines with seamless side seams. And the greatest feature is that buttons, hang tags, woven tags, and packaging are all made in Germany.

Classic T-shirts

The length is a little long and the fitting is selective, but the fabric of this brand has a different feel from Japanese hang knitting. The fabric of this brand has a different feel from the Japanese hang-knit fabric. It has an elegant comfort that lies between cotton and knit.

A true classic requires “well-crafted simplicity”. This serene round-neck T-shirt, made of pure organic cotton with a comfortable feel, is a timeless classic that will leave many unforgettable memories. – Brand HP


Tieasy Authentic

Using old-style knitting machines still in existence in Japan, the fabric is knitted slowly, carefully, and densely at about 1/3 the speed of ordinary T-shirt fabrics. The warm and unique flavor is the result of the advanced techniques of skilled craftsmen.

・Boat-neck Short-Sleeved Basque Shirt

This basque shirt is softly woven in a moderate density and combines sophistication and warmth. The fabric thickness is reasonable, making it an excellent piece for early summer and innerwear use.

Tieasy Authentic

Simple short-sleeved boat-neck T-shirt made of high-density slub cotton (HDCS).



FilMelange, the ultimate cut-and-sew brand created in the spring of 2007, is named for its “mixed-colored (Melange) and thread (Fil)” meaning.

These are carefully crafted by artisans who are worthy of being called Japanese masters, using carefully selected natural materials to weave soft, light, and beautiful fabrics in colors for “daily life” that are unpretentious, suit everyone, and loved beyond the ages.


Really soft and lightweight. It will sag slightly as you wear it, but it has a great atmosphere. Personally, I recommend wearing one size over in an elegant way.

Organic Laffy” is organic recycled cotton that is spun by collecting high-quality fibers sifted out of the organic cotton yarn manufacturing process and crossing them with 50% virgin organic cotton.

This soft and firm stuffing is specially dyed, and the original melange-colored yarn, spun to a special count, is applied to a hang-knitting machine to create a jersey fabric with a vintage look and feel.

Shorter in length and slightly wider in width. Durable binder neck. It is not only a solid fabric, but also a soft and comfortable piece of FilMelange. – Brand HP



Compared to DIZZY, I feel the material is lacking in terms of texture, but the fabric is thin and bouncy, so this is the one to wear in midsummer.

Filmerange Sunny

GIZA cotton” with strong firmness and elasticity is used, and the yarn is deliberately spun with an uneven texture to create a “cozy” look that is just barely not too clean.

The round-body design with no side seams allows for a stress-free wearing experience, as the sewn parts rarely touch the skin.
The chain stitching from the shoulders to the back collar is called taco binder, a technique that has been used for centuries to reinforce and accentuate the design.– Brand HP


created by Rinker
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Jackman is a factory brand from Fukui Prefecture that inherits the spirit of Mitsugu Tanabe, the founder of Tanabe Meriyasu. After World War II, Tanabe left his job as a salaried worker to establish a factory in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, with a passion for American baseball.

・pocket T-shirt

It is made of USA Cotton, which has a bouncy texture, making it both elegant and comfortable to wear. The raw silk color in particular is wonderful, and while it is reasonably priced, it is a piece that can become a mainstay of summer.

Jackman Plain Pocket T-Shirt

This pocket T-shirt is made of USA Cotton, which is mainly produced in the cotton-growing region of the Mississippi River basin in the United States. The air-spinning process, which uses centrifugal force to spin the cotton wool into yarn, gives this T-shirt a crisp, dry feel.

The most traditional Baseball uniform pocket design is a typical detail of the W-stitching, pocket opening shape, and large size, from the 1890s until pockets were eliminated from uniforms. The color Kinari is characterized by the texture of the undyed cotton itself. – Brand HP



WhitesVille is a brand of “Toyo Enterprises” that handles many American casual and army brands. The brand is famous for its high quality and good cost performance.

It is long in length and wide in width for an American casual brand, and the sizing is easy to use.

The fabric is of good thickness and easy to use. The price is moderate, so it’s a great T-shirt to bring to the center of your routine.


Nigel Cabourn

The brand was originally called Cricket, which was launched by designer Nigel Cabourn in 1971 when he was a student, and the brand was launched in 1981.

Known as a collector of vintage military items, the brand is characterized by its respect for vintage military and workwear and its British traditional size balance.

・New Basic T-shirt

The raglan sleeves and pocket buttons accentuate the plain T, making this an easy-to-use piece. The fabric is a little stiff, but its moderate thickness makes it perfect for the center of a rotation without falling apart.

Nigel Cabon Plain Pocket T-Shirt

The milling (knitted fabric knitted on a circular knitting machine) has been changed to double-sided half milling with single-strand alternating needle removal. By inserting the yarns in aligned rows, the kickback is better and sturdier than ever before.

The fabric is not bloated and thickened, but is designed on a microscopic scale to have an eye-catching presence. The round body has been slightly widened. – Brand HP



Since its establishment in 1995, the company has been pursuing the theme of “faithful reprinting of vintage vintage clothing,” which is not influenced by fashion trends, despite being in an industry that is influenced by fashion trends.

We study the background of the period in which a vintage piece of clothing was produced, and thoroughly research everything from the thread to the fabric, sewing, and even the washing process. We also work on size arrangements that do not erase the ruggedness and smell of the period when the garment was produced.

・Lot 4601 Pocket T

The plump fabric and the unevenness running horizontally give it a vintage look. It is a solid fabric, and the more you wear it, the more the taste will increase. The thicker the fabric is, the better to use it as an inner layer until early summer.

Warehouse Plain T-Shirt

This is a standard Warehouse body knitted on an old-style low-gauge knitting machine, which is said to be “rarer than a hang knitting machine.” This fabric is called “shadow border,” which is knitted with a 12 count uneven yarn to produce a unique shade, and even though it is a solid color, it has a slight unevenness like a horizontal step. Instead of a modern neckline that falls extremely low in the front, the neckline loosens and falls naturally as the garment is worn, while the piping on the milling fabric maintains its strength. – Brand HP



A domestic (MADE IN JAPAN) brand that uses carefully selected fabrics to create standard items ideal for daily use.

Laffy Cotton Crew Neck T

It really is perfect for daily use and easy to use. It is a piece that can be worn in any style, including comfortable fabrics and a contemporary silhouette.


Laffy cotton, the material used, is recycled yarn made by re-spinning fallen cotton that was shorn off when spinning extra-long staple cotton yarn. The short fiber length gives the yarn a unique unevenness.
In addition, BETTER is a premium raffia cotton that has been degreased to give it a dry feel.



The manufacturer has been producing cut and sewn clothing for surf brands and sports manufacturers since around 1960. The brand started in Los Angeles, U.S.A. in 1994. It continues to produce conscientious and tough T-shirts and sweatshirts with attention to every single detail such as functionality, durability, materials, and sewing, including stitching and designs that are rare nowadays.

・Crew Neck T-Shirt

Made in the USA, this item is not overly elaborate, while maintaining the traditional manufacturing method. The tube knitting with no side seams and the slightly wide collar are just right for a piece with just the right amount of relaxed power.

Textured and soft 100% cotton fabric. It has just the right thickness to fit comfortably against the skin and is smooth to the touch. Please note that the fabric varies depending on the brand tag.


created by Rinker
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Entry SG

We aim to create products that are truly valuable, and by combining the experience and technology we have cultivated over the years, we are able to create uncompromising products that convey our passion to every customer who comes into contact with our products.
It was born out of the idea of “participation = ENTRY,” with each and every staff member working together to unite their hearts and minds.


It is accented with a reinforced collar that does not stretch when worn. The fabric is a little stiff, not the type that develops a taste as it is worn, but it is a piece that feels right from the time of purchase.

Entry SG Plain T-shirts

The ultimate in simplicity, this T-shirt with pockets. A longtime staple item reworked in the ENTRY SG style. The slow, hand-knit material wraps around you comfortably, and the silhouette is stylish. The pocket on the left chest is designed to tickle men’s fancy. – Brand HP



An American casual brand from Tokyo that started in 1985. Based on the American atmosphere of various eras, the brand’s commitment to Japanese craftsmanship is realized at a high cost performance.

・Crew Neck T-Shirt

Barnes hang-knit T-shirts are really soft and lightweight. Even when worn, the fabric doesn’t wear out easily. Especially because it is comfortable and reasonably priced, it is one to pick up if you have any doubts.

Barns Plain T-Shirt

Uneven yarns made from rice cotton are used, and in order to retain a dry and crisp texture, we chose an uneven yarn that has more fluff than ordinary yarns. The softness and rough texture are created by knitting the fabric slowly so that the yarn contains air. – Brand HP





GOOD ON T-shirts are durable enough to be washed 365 days without damage.
Over the past 20 years, the company has continued to improve its quality and technology while bringing good old American masterpieces that are particular about everything into the present, creating the ultimate daily wear that makes you want to casually put your sleeves on every day.

・Crew Neck T-Shirt

The crisp USA cotton is comfortable to wear even in the middle of summer, and it really does not suffer much damage even after repeated washing. Many items are pigment dyed, so the more they are worn, the more the color will fade and take on a unique flavor.

The “COTTON USA” mark is a mark of trust that can be placed on products made with more than 50% high quality U.S. cotton, which is highly regarded worldwide, and is certified by the CCI International Cotton Council. – Brand HP



A sportswear brand established in 1983 in Essex, Massachusetts, USA. The brand is popular for its durable T-shirts made of thick, heavyweight cotton fabric.

・pocket T-shirt

It features heavyweight USA cotton with firmness and bounce. It has excellent durability, and the good thing is that it is strong and does not sag, although it will develop an atmosphere as it is worn.

Goodwear T-shirts

This short-sleeved pocket T-shirt is made of 7.2 oz. heavy-weight cotton, which is synonymous with the brand as a standard.