• 2023年2月11日

Fullcount 1101 Hally’s special order

This denim is a 66 model that was specially ordered by a store called Harry’s in Fukuoka, Japan, when Zimbabwean cotton fabric was still only used in XX models. In the 90’s, Japanese reproduction denim did not use the same fabric for slim and tapered models as it does now, because XX = flagship, and even if I wanted slim, the fabric was different. I wanted to try the new Zimbabwe cotton that had just come out, but all I already had were the XX models. When I was wondering what denim to wear next, I came across this denim […]

  • 2023年2月3日

Fullcount Lot.1100-13 WW2 color fade record 2 years vol.01

FullCount releases a limited edition World War II model every year. This is the 2013 model. Penetration period It is worn about 2~3 times a week and has been worn for about 2 years. Circumstances in which it was worn I am currently living in Thailand, I wore them mainly as commuting clothes for office work, although they are equivalent to what I wear in Japan in summer. Frequency of washing After 3 days of wearing it in Thailand, It start to smell a bit, so I wash them once a week. Features of Lot.1100-13 World War II model The […]

  • 2023年1月4日

Natural Indigo BLUE BLUE /Hollywood Ranch Market

These are natural indigo denim from BLUE BLUE , one of the brands of Seirin Corporation. When I bought this denim in 1995, Seirin Kouji was a company that dominated the American casual industry at that time, including Hollywood Ranch Market, OKURA, and High Standard. Although the boom has now subsided, the company has a brand with a strong following. These jeans were my next choice after Levi’s when the Japanese reproduction boom was starting to take off. I was still in my second year of high school at the time. I was a cynical person and was fascinated by […]

  • 2023年1月3日

Warehouse Painter Pants Fading Record: 2 Years 6 Months vol.01

Even Warehouse, the most famous denim company for its emphasis on fading, doesn’t see many faded samples of its painted pants. As a lover of painted pants, I started wearing them with a sense of destiny, but the color has not faded for the length of time they have been worn. Overview Purchased: February 2017 Price: 19,800 yen Penetration period I wore them twice a week when I was working in Thailand, where I moved to. Since most of the time I wear them indoors, the color does not fade dramatically fast even if I wear them in Thailand, where […]

  • 2023年1月3日

Orslow painter pants, faded

I have the impression that orslow is not well-liked by hard-core denim fans, but personally, I think that Orslow is the best when it comes to a modern vintage look. The silhouette is beautiful and there is not much earthiness to the work feel. It has an atmosphere from the rigid, and is probably one of the few brands where you can enjoy color fading and changes over time. Overview Purchased: July 2012 Price: 17,500 yen I think it is the same fabric as the current model, but the size seems to be slightly larger at that time. The price […]

  • 2022年1月21日

FULL COUNT lot.0105 1953XX model

This is lot.0105, the classic 1953 XX model from Full Count. It’s a model that no longer speaks for itself, having descended as a regular pair of jeans for Full Count for two decades, but it’s been modified for 2019. I bought these used, and they have a moderate amount of bite to them, which I like. Overview Released: 1997 – 2019 Price: 23,000 yen Arcuate stitching and red tabs are no longer available from models released in the summer of 2019. I bought it used, so the year of purchase is unknown. FULL COUNT fabric The 13.7 oz. 100% […]