Fullcount 1101 Hally’s special order

This denim is a 66 model that was specially ordered by a store called Harry’s in Fukuoka, Japan, when Zimbabwean cotton fabric was still only used in XX models.

In the 90’s, Japanese reproduction denim did not use the same fabric for slim and tapered models as it does now, because XX = flagship, and even if I wanted slim, the fabric was different.

I wanted to try the new Zimbabwe cotton that had just come out, but all I already had were the XX models. When I was wondering what denim to wear next, I came across this denim and bought it immediately.

I was a college student who didn’t have a part-time job, but I remember how hard money was for me to buy these denims the month after I bought the Denime 10th anniversary model.

Fullcount 1101, faded.


Purchased: May 1997

List price: 23,800 yen

This 66 model was made by Hally’s in Fukuoka, Japan, using Zimbabwean cotton, and was special ordered by Hally’s. There were no leather/paper patches, no pocket stitching, and no part numbers.

Penetration period

Worn 2-3 days a week for the first 2 years after purchase. I think I wore them about once a week for about 4 years when I didn’t wear denim much. I don’t remember anything after that.

Circumstances in which it was worn

I used to wear them a lot in the summer because they were ankle-length. I also used this denim when I dressed nicely.

For a while after I bought it, I treated it as a fashionable garment because I was wearing it in the current Resolute-like manner.

Frequency of washing

I didn’t wash them for the first month after purchase because I needed to wash them to get a nice silhouette, but after that I washed them after wearing them about 4 times.


Fullcount 66 model Faded

The color in the photo is quite washed out, but it’s not so much that the color is lighter because it has been washed so many times, it’s just that the color is lighter because it was worn until it fell apart.

There is a reasonable color contrast, and when there were only 2~3 repairs, it was often mistaken for vintage.

The elegant line fall that is typical of FullCount is still present. Some repair threads are running vertically.

I like the faded selvage color. If this color is ideal, does that mean it would look best if worn inside out?

Can someone please try to put them on inside out indoors?

Selvig’s torsion seems to be frayed.

Worn denim lining is cool, isn’t it?


Anyway, I did a lot of repairs. I can’t even think about it anymore.

Repair after repair after repair, they are bumpy, ticky, and uncomfortable to wear.

Finally, everything is covered with an application cloth from the thighs to below the knees.

The previous repair is also showing its face.

The hips are less damaged, but I have repaired them twice.


This is one of the first FullCount denim that I enjoyed to the bone. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t buy any more FullCounts for more than 15 years from this point on.

This is my first Full Count. Being my first Zimbabwe cotton, I was left impressed at the time of purchase with how comfortable it was to wear. Nowadays, other brands use this denim, but I think there is no denim more comfortable than Fullcount’s Zimbabwe cotton.

This is one that I wore for over 10 years when I was younger, so my impression can only be “memories”. Please judge by the color fading that you can see from the repair.