Orslow painter pants, faded

I have the impression that orslow is not well-liked by hard-core denim fans, but personally, I think that Orslow is the best when it comes to a modern vintage look.

The silhouette is beautiful and there is not much earthiness to the work feel. It has an atmosphere from the rigid, and is probably one of the few brands where you can enjoy color fading and changes over time.

Orslow painted pants, faded

Orslow painted pants, faded


Purchased: July 2012

Price: 17,500 yen

I think it is the same fabric as the current model, but the size seems to be slightly larger at that time. The price was also lower than the current model.

Penetration period

I wore it once a week during the spring and summer for about 5 years, and wore it a few times a month since then, about 8 years after purchase.

Frequency of washing

I wash them when they get dirty, but I usually wash them after wearing them five times.

Orslow painters’ fabrics and color fading

Orslow denim faded

Painter’s pants are often made of flat fabrics, but Orslow has a different feel, with a rough, uneven, soft texture. It has a strong nep feeling, and at 9 ounces, it is just the right thickness for spring and summer.

The color fades beautifully, leaving a nep-like appearance and tate-ochi fading.


The top button is an orslow original with atmosphere.

The triple stitched area on the side of the garment will show a beautiful bite.

The back pockets also have discreet stitching.

It’s simple, but it’s a nice accent.

The hammer loop also has selvege. The contrast between shrinkage and bite in these areas is irresistible.

Silhouette and size

174cm 65kg Wears size M. Waist has about 2 inches extra.

Orslow Silhouette

It is rolled up and has a narrower hem, but it is tapered a bit originally.

Orslow Painter Silhouette

I think it gives off a feeling somewhere between a work and street feel.

Orslow Silhouette


Although the color fading does not have a strong impact, it is frequently utilized because it also has a satisfying fashion feel, such as the atmosphere and silhouette of the fabric that has a strong presence.

Even in the one-washed state before fading, the nep and unevenness of the fabric show that it is a painter pants with a difference.

And best of all, the girls love them! Whenever girls tell me those pants are nice, it’s when I’m wearing Orslow pants.

The silhouette is thick yet tapered, and the low fabric ounce allows for a cool line that stomps down.

This brand is recommended for those who are not interested in American casual wear.