FULL COUNT lot.0105 1953XX model

FullCount 0105 Faded

This is lot.0105, the classic 1953 XX model from Full Count.

It’s a model that no longer speaks for itself, having descended as a regular pair of jeans for Full Count for two decades, but it’s been modified for 2019.

FullCount 0105 Faded

FullCount 0105 Faded

I bought these used, and they have a moderate amount of bite to them, which I like.


Released: 1997 – 2019

Price: 23,000 yen

Arcuate stitching and red tabs are no longer available from models released in the summer of 2019.

I bought it used, so the year of purchase is unknown.


The 13.7 oz. 100% Zimbabwean cotton that is synonymous with Full Count.

The Zimbabwean cotton fabric islighter than the oz, and it is said that Full Count is the most comfortable jeans you can wear in the summer.

When you buy them used, the fabric becomes thin and flat, and the softness has pretty much disappeared. It’s hard to savor the essence of the fabric, but I think you can enjoy the beauty of the fabric for about two years after you start wearing it.

FullCount 0105 Faded

It’s the one and only thing I can keep wearing at home even on hot days.

Personally, it was also the first clothing that made me aware of cotton in its place of origin.

With its soft fabric and 0105 silhouette, the bite is refreshing unless you wear it a lot in rigid.

The oz is also low, so I think it has a good hip expression.

Good “Tateochi”. The stitching is just right.

I think the patch is cowhide. The print has faded to the point of being unreadable.

The color of the ears remains well. I’ve worn other models, but for some reason, this one has good color retention.

Full count can be worn in summer.

Full count is also famous as a synonym for “summer-ready” jeans.

Aside from the fact that the fabric is 13.7 oz, which is light for a pair of reproduction jeans, I think it is the superiority of the material used, Zimbabwe cotton.

Even when you sweat, the fabric doesn’t stick and stays smooth. The fabric also dries very well, and you will forget how long you have been wearing it.

You can wear them indoors without any stress, and when you doze off, you can fall into a deep sleep without having to take off your Full Count jeans.

Silhouette and size of FULLCOUNT 0105

The XX model from 1953 is a bit thicker, but the softness of the fabric helps to make it less work-like in a good way.

However, they are slightly tapered, so they fit well. Hem width is about 21cm.

Full Count 0105 Silhouette

If it is long enough that there is no play in the hem, it can be worn with running sneakers.

fullcount 0105 Silhouette

The pockets are rather small. It’s hard to tell when the color fades, but 0105 has a cool back appearance.

I don’t have much of a hips, so it’s hard for me to enjoy the best part of it, but I think the expansiveness of the back pocket is one of the selling points of the 0105, just like the LEE.


Made with 13.7 oz of comfortable Zimbabwean cotton, they are the most comfortable and least stressful jeans you can wear for a long time.

Even in a one-wash, the texture of the fabric, which is recognizable as full count, is unique and delicate.

The slightly roomy waist and the silhouette around the hips with a sense of presence give it a work feel, while the subtly tapered lines and elegant fabric keep it in perfect balance.

If I had to pick one drawback of Full Count, it would be the 100% Zimbabwean cotton, which is also a selling point.

They are very comfortable to wear, and the elegant feel of the fabric is unique, but because of their softness, you don’t really feel like you are wearing them.

Also, when you wear them for a long time and the fabric becomes thin, you may feel that they are not enough.

If the fabric of this model were stiffer, it would be aperfect pair of jeans for me personally, but it seems to be double-edged with comfort, so I can’t help it.

I’ve been waiting for that to be improved since its release, and it’s a shame that the 2019 mods went in a different direction.

Nevertheless, full count is always a candidate when buying new jeans.

Once I wore them until they were falling apart, I finally dropped them, but they are still a very attractive pair of jeans.

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