Fullcount Lot.1100-13 WW2 color fade record 2 years vol.01

FullCount releases a limited edition World War II model every year. This is the 2013 model.

Fullcount WW2 model Faded

Penetration period

It is worn about 2~3 times a week and has been worn for about 2 years.

Circumstances in which it was worn

I am currently living in Thailand, I wore them mainly as commuting clothes for office work, although they are equivalent to what I wear in Japan in summer.

Frequency of washing

After 3 days of wearing it in Thailand, It start to smell a bit, so I wash them once a week.

Features of Lot.1100-13 World War II model

FullCount 1100, Great War, faded.

The fabric is made of 13.7 ounces of Zimbabwe cotton, which is close to regular, although some of the limited edition World War II models are heavy ounce.

One major difference from the standard model is the use of brown cotton.

Even though the rope-dyed color has faded, it is a brownish-colored cotton, so it is hard to get a crisp look. The color has faded in a dull way due to frequent washing.

Fullcount WW2 model Faded

Since this is a World War II model, there is no backstitching, and the archuettes are painted in paint to imitate full-count stitching.

It is hard to tell from the photo, but the tate-ochi is the same as that of regular Zimbabwean cotton.

The color will just look a bit different from the bright blue of the full count.

The rest may be within the margin of error, but the shrinkage due to washing seems to be larger than that of normal fabrics.

The fabric also becomes stiffer as it is washed, partly due to the use of a dryer.


Pockets are lined with herringbone army specification.

The rivets are universal. The waist area is heavily faded as it is worn in the summer.

I put it in the dryer several times and the label is now barely visible. The leather is ticking because it was not cared for with oil.


I am 174cm 65kg and wear a 30″. Full count is a bit on the large side, so I used dryer a few times to get it true to size.

Full count WW2 Sizing

The silhouette is moderately tapered. The hem could be a little more narrow.