Old Denime XX model – a sharp fadeing from the Orizzonti era

DENIME’s classic 50’s XX model. This is one from the Orizzonti era, which has a reputation for its contrasting color fading.

I bought them used to see how the color faded. I myself have never worn it.

Denime fading

Faded color of Denime XX model

Old Denime color fading

The overall color fading is in such an advanced state that the contrast is not noticeable.

The actual item is heavily faded with contrasting colors. I think it has been worn without washing for a long time.


Old Denime color fading

Selvig’s scrape

The fact that this selvage is not completely open in some areas was the deciding factor in my purchase. I like the vintage look.


I had the impression that Denime’s color fading was spotty, but the tate-ochi line runs well.

I thought the fading would be more rough and the fabric would look frayed, but it is relatively natural.

Maybe it was washed a few times and worn without washing for a long period of time when the fabric became a little softer.


Coin pocket

top button


The selvage weave is nice. The fabric does not collapse for being worn in and is somewhat stiff.


DENIME tends to have excessive hip touch, but it looks natural despite its high ounce.

leather patch

It doesn’t feel like I used oil, but the patche is clean and moist.

The overall impression is different from the early pre-Orizzonti models I wore.