Denime x Warehouse Revival of 1988 denim “Made in Kurabo”

As already officially announced, the denim that “DENIME” produced at its inception in 1988 will be revived by “WareHouse”.

The fabric is denim made by Kurabo and sewn by Warehouse, so I don’t think there is anything special to mention, but the heat of the comments in the SNS community made me want to blab a little, so I thought I would write an article about it.


In the first, what is the difference between the Denime as of 1988 and the Denime of today?

The reissue model denim of the “initial recipe” was released at the timing of the 30th anniversary of the brand’s establishment. If no new production has been made since then, it means that the fabric is the same.

A look back at the model change, with the notation on the tag on the back pocket with the Denime company, reads

Denime’s company transition

・1988- Establishment of the brand (ORIZZONTI)

・2005 – Acquired by SHINS, Inc.

・2009 – Acquired by WEGO, Inc.

・2018 – 30th anniversary model released (has the same fabric been used since then?)

Transition of Denime’s tag designations

・1988~(株)オリゾンティ ※
・19xx~D-HG-1118 ※
・2018~タグ不明 ※

As for the fabric, the basic “*” period is the same, and this reissue is the same as the “*” fabric.

However, I think the fabric is a little different at “ORIZZONTI”, so it would be better to say that it is the same as the model before “D-HG-1118”, i.e. before 1997.

What is the selling point in this revival of denim, to be honest?

At least the fabric is no different and the sewing is warehouse. I think this is the only place that is completely vital anymore.

Should we buy it?

Anyone who wants an early recipe Denime would have bought the 30th anniversary model.

No matter how many warehouses do the sewing, it should not make that much difference.
(Just to say that there was a lot of joy in the SNS community…)

Because of these circumstances, I wondered who would want this denim so badly? I am sure it is either a lot of Warehouse enthusiasts or some kind of nostalgia, though.

While we were still having these doubts, the actual “made by warehouse” was unveiled, but the patches had a different texture. The patches have a different texture, and the parts and silhouette have also been slightly changed.

The quintessential Warehouse…these incentives are exquisite.

When I am shown a picture of rigid, I am stoked to try them on for the first time in a while. However, as a resident of Thailand, I have an ounce problem.

The XX model is probably 14.7oz before washing, so it will be about 15.5oz after washing. 66 model is probably an ounce lighter, but I don’t really like the color fading.

So I won’t buy it after all, but it is possible to experience that color fading for the first time in a while.

For the latest information, please check the official instagram here.

I don’t buy jeans, but I might buy “Lot.223” painted pants (with buckle backs) because they look like nothing else I’ve seen.

I am linking to the new products in the “Denim Buyers Catalog” of Lightning magazine.


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