Denime XX model Extreme repaired Japanese denim color fade report

XX model of DENIME, purchased in 1995. It is an early DENIME, before it entered the Orizzonti period.

In the heyday of reproduction denim, I bought this denim when I was 18 years old and wore it every day.

Denime xx denime fading

Denime denim fading


Purchased: May 1995

List price: 23,000 yen

The most popular replica denim at the time of its release. 1995 was the year Warehouse was founded, and Full Count may or may not have released a Zimbabwe cotton model.

Many people chose Denime as their first pair of reproduction denim for their debut, because it has a solid contrasting bite no matter who wears it.

wear period

Worn 3-4 days a week for the first 2 years after purchase. As other denim grew, I continued to wear them about 1 day a week for 5 years. After that, I wore them once every few months on a whim.

I kept ripping and repairing it, but every time I washed it, it tore somewhere, so I retired it.

Circumstances in which it was worn

Since my college years were my main period of wearing the denim, I moved around a lot. I sometimes exercised while wearing denim, so I was in a good denim-growing environment.

Frequency of washing

It was common practice to wear them without washing them, and I, who didn’t have the guts, did so about once a month.

Denime xx model fabrics

Denime fading

It can’t judge from the photos of this condition, but I don’t think it is much different from the Orizzonti and SHINS periods.

Ounces are high, probably about 15-15.5 ounces.

Tate-ochi are spotty, but there is no nepotism.

The photo shows that the whiskers and bites are not sharp, but this is because the indigo has been lost a lot through wear and they were worn 2 inches up.

The color of the selvedge has also lost a lot of color. The denime is made of a solid fabric, but the stones are sagging.


denime repair

The whisker broken, the knee tears, the other parts of the body tear, pulled by the fabric of the stiffened repaired area. I don’t remember how many times this was repeated.

Repair techniques and methods were not as developed as they are today, so each store did repairs as they saw fit.

The overall thin applied fabric on the thighs is from the last repair, so the repair looks current in about 2006.

It is a mess condition

This is so much cooler when you see it up close. This is the history of me, denim, and the repairman.


174cm 65kg Wearing 32″, slightly roomy around the waist, 1″ up.

Denime XX Silhouette

I am bigger than I was when I bought it, so it is a good straight that fits.

It has a moderately straight silhouette with a relaxed feel.

When the color fades this much, there is no deliberate “how dramatically the color fades replica” feeling that I had felt about Doonim.


Personally, I bought this authentic reproduction denim after Levi’s 702 and Halliran.

This denim was the “one that taught me denim” that led me to learn about fabric texture and weave, and to care about denim color and ounce.

There are some points that could be better, but the basis for such decisions is also based on this denim. They have been with me through sensitive times, and have also been touched by human hands through numerous repairs.

It’s not about the Denime, it’s about the denim that I will never give up.