• 2023年2月5日

Old Denime XX model – a sharp fadeing from the Orizzonti era

DENIME’s classic 50’s XX model. This is one from the Orizzonti era, which has a reputation for its contrasting color fading. I bought them used to see how the color faded. I myself have never worn it. Faded color of Denime XX model The overall color fading is in such an advanced state that the contrast is not noticeable. The actual item is heavily faded with contrasting colors. I think it has been worn without washing for a long time. Whisker Selvig’s scrape The fact that this selvage is not completely open in some areas was the deciding factor in […]

  • 2023年1月23日

Denime XX model Extreme repaired Japanese denim color fade report

XX model of DENIME, purchased in 1995. It is an early DENIME, before it entered the Orizzonti period. In the heyday of reproduction denim, I bought this denim when I was 18 years old and wore it every day. Overview Purchased: May 1995 List price: 23,000 yen The most popular replica denim at the time of its release. 1995 was the year Warehouse was founded, and Full Count may or may not have released a Zimbabwe cotton model. Many people chose Denime as their first pair of reproduction denim for their debut, because it has a solid contrasting bite no […]

  • 2023年1月3日

DENIME 10th Anniversary Vacuum Pack 501XX 30’S

I bought these jeans when I was only 19 years old. It was about two years after Full Count changed its model to Zimbabwe cotton, McCoy’s replicas were a hot topic, and Warehouse was recognized. It was around the time when replica jeans were in the early stages of their heyday. It was a time when many of my friends were wearing some kind of replica jeans and many people were wearing Red Wing. While the replica jeans boom was reaching its peak, the long-established Denime’s 10th anniversary release was vacuum-packed and priced at 38,000 yen, a price that was […]

  • 2022年2月13日

Old DENIME 501XX Denim Color Fading

Denime’s classic 50’s 501XX replicant. いい感じに穿かれた中古を購入したもの。生Purchased used, worn in a good way. The inside tag on the back pocket has been cut off, so I’m not sure of the production date, but from the faded look and the freshness of the fabric, I’d say it’s from the SHINS period. Penetration period I bought them used and have worn them a few dozen times. They are replicas of Levi’s from the late 50’s, so they are thinner than the XX, but not as slim and straight as the XX, so they are not used as much. Fablics This is the very […]