DENIME 10th Anniversary Vacuum Pack 501XX 30’S

I bought these jeans when I was only 19 years old.

It was about two years after Full Count changed its model to Zimbabwe cotton, McCoy’s replicas were a hot topic, and Warehouse was recognized. It was around the time when replica jeans were in the early stages of their heyday.

It was a time when many of my friends were wearing some kind of replica jeans and many people were wearing Red Wing.

While the replica jeans boom was reaching its peak, the long-established Denime’s 10th anniversary release was vacuum-packed and priced at 38,000 yen, a price that was out of the norm for me as a student.


Denime 10th anniversary Faded

Denim xx Faded


Released: 1997

Sales price: 38,000 yen

This 1937 model was released by Denime to commemorate its 10th anniversary. The vacuum pack and the price of 38,000 yen were the talk of the town at the time.

At the same time, an XX model from the 50s was also released. That one costs 32,000 yen and uses a different fabric than this model. (The dyeing is natural indigo)

DENIME 10th Anniversary Fabric

Unlike the regular XX model, this model uses a special fabric produced for the 10th anniversary.

Characteristically, the ounces were low, roughly 14oz. The fabric was stiff and faded slowly at the beginning of wear, properties that were the exact opposite of the regular Denime.

What I like about these jeans is the low fabric ounce and the sharpness.

The regular xx model was rather mossy and the ounces were too high, so it didn’t feel natural.

Personally, I never liked the way the hips felt when the denime faded, but this model has a natural texture.

The unique blue atmosphere of natural indigo is good, and the rope-dyeing process gives it a firm crispness.


Rivets in the cinch back area. They are rusted, but they are in good condition.

Front button (rivet rust is flying off).

Denime 10th

Is the leather patch SHEEP (deer)? The lot number is not the model name, as with the XX.

I forget how many were limited, but I think there are 3-digit numbers listed for the number of pieces.

Coin pocket

Brown selvege as well as regular. The unevenness of the weave is wonderful.

Silhouette (174 cm 65 kg, slightly stocky build)

Being a replica of 1937, it has a generous waist and no taper.

The picture of the dress is the size at the time of purchase: 30″ waist, but now the buttons don’t stop.

Currently, the same model would wear a 32″, so please see this photo as a picture of wearing 2″ down.

Denime 10th Anniversary Silhouette

It’s 2 inches down, so it doesn’t have the workwear-like power.

Puncture period and memories

It was one of the main pieces in my rotation for 2-3 years, and then I continued to wear it occasionally for a total of about 7 years.

It went out of size due to fabric shrinkage and skeletal changes, and was put in storage when it began to tear.

Jeans with whom I shared my sensitive young years, a month of study abroad in England, and a three-month backpacking trip.

Among them, I wore them while trekking in the Himalayas, and I also wore them while climbing a mountain in Yakushima. I wore them in a very hard environment and overseas, so I still have them in my photos and the memories have not faded away.

Best fabric

I don’t know if the memories have influenced me or not, but this model is my favorite fabric for jeans.

Because of this, I bought a used one that still has some color left and am still wearing this model as of 2019.