Old DENIME 501XX Denim Color Fading

Denime XX Faded

Denime’s classic 50’s 501XX replicant.

いい感じに穿かれた中古を購入したもの。生Purchased used, worn in a good way. The inside tag on the back pocket has been cut off, so I’m not sure of the production date, but from the faded look and the freshness of the fabric, I’d say it’s from the SHINS period.

Denime XX Faded

Denime XX Faded

Penetration period

I bought them used and have worn them a few dozen times.

They are replicas of Levi’s from the late 50’s, so they are thinner than the XX, but not as slim and straight as the XX, so they are not used as much.


This is the very fabric of Dunyme, which has strong unevenness and a crisp bite.

“Tateochi” is a dot, not a line.

It also see the whiskers around the waist, probably because the previous owner wore them just right.

Denime XX Faded

The color of the hips faded naturally for Denime. It’s probably from the SHINS period, when the fabric became slightly less uneven.

However, that’s Denime. It is a fabric with a strong whisker and a strong point-tateochi.

I think the oz was about 14.25 before washing.The fabric is a little thick, but I think you will feel the oz increase and thickness when it is shrunk, so it is hard to wear these jeans in the hot season.


The rivets are original to Denime , and have not changed much over the years.

No twisting of the ears. The fading of the ears is ideal.


Denime leather patche

The leather patches have shrunk to such an extent that they are not even visible.

Silhouette and size

174cm 65kg Wearing 32″, slightly roomy around the waist, 1″ up.

Denime Silhouette

It’s a good color and looks easy to use, but if you don’t have the right size, the silhouette is half-baked.

Maybe it’s because the slightly unrefined look is more modern, but personally, I prefer it to be a bit thinner.

Denime xx Silhouette

Beautiful silhouette when viewed from the back. If you squeeze about 1cm below the knee, it will be just right.


There is a lot of information about Denim, and I have worn one myself, so it’s hard for me to feel special about it, but I think the feature is that anyone can enjoy the vintage denim look.

The silhouette is also a little slimmer and the bite is stronger, so it’s easier to get the look of jeans compared to regular jeans.

On the other hand, I think these jeans have a weakness in that they turn white when worn (the overall color of the rope dye comes off).

However, I think this is a good thing because it is difficult to keep wearing jeans that are best faded after three or four years. Even if they become whitish, the difference from regular jeans is obvious.

Personally, if the silhouette of the XX were a little thinner at the hem and the 66 a little thicker around the thighs, it would be easier to use as a beautiful straight, but it doesn’t seem to fit Hayashi’s concept, so that’s where I have to give up.