JELADO 301XX color fading record vol.01

The color hasn’t faded yet, but I’ve been wearing them five days a week for about three months, so here’s the first fading report for the record.

JELADO 301xx Faded

Washed 3 times in 3 months. The photo shows the condition before the fourth washing.

I’m a gutless person, so I do my best not to wash my clothes, but my beard has hardly grown at all.

The whiskers are just starting to get a really faint bite to them, and the whiskers you see in the photo are not faded, but rather just established wrinkles from being worn.

Gerard 301xx Faded02

As you can see in the back, you can clearly see that the color has not faded.

The “Hachinosu” does have some wrinkles, but with the number of times I’ve washed it, there’s hardly any definition to it.

The fabric is supple, which is probably one of the reasons.

Overview of JELADO 301XX

Purchase date: end of September 2020

I hemmed them about a week after I bought them and started to wear them in.

The features of 301XX are summarized below, and you may want to take a look at the separate article.




Penetration period

About three months.I wore it about five days a week, but my work is fully remote, so I move around a lot less.

I wore them while flexing after work and during light strength training, but even so, I barely left the house, so the denim wouldn’t have taken much of a toll on me for the duration.

Frequency of washing

I washed it after I took the pictures for this article, so four times in three months.

Even in the fall and winter, after two weeks, it becomes quite uncomfortable to wear, so personally, I’m doing my best even at this pace.

Color fade report 1st time

The wrinkles have set in, but a close-up shows that the color has not yet faded.

After about three more months of wear, the fluff will come off and the color will become more vivid.

The whiskers on the thighs show a bit of color fading.

The bite on the ear of the knee where the color tends to fade. This is an area that gets a lot of wear, but it still looks like this.

The thunderbolt, which was in the one-wash state at the time of purchase, is gradually gaining a bite.

Almost no “Hachinosu”. At one point, I was sweaty after strength training and tried to sit upright for a bit, but it’s not the part where the fabric rubs against you when you wear it normally, so it won’t go in if there’s a lot of wash.

The hidden rivets, which show the most bite on the hips, are still very lightly bruised.

The leather patch is uncared for. The uneven color is from light gluing.

301XX Silhouette

The color has not faded yet, so there are no pictures to wear.

You can see the silhouette in the other article.


I bought JELADO's AGE OF LONGING 301XX, and I'd like to report on its parts, size and how it fits.AGE OF LONGING 301xx[…]

Gerard 301 Silhouette


The biggest concern for people looking at the article would be the speed of color fading.

The color faded more or less in my environment for three months, so the color faded quickly.

It is not over-spec, but a faithful reproduction of vintage Levi’s. The fabric is supple, so I expected the color to fade slowly, but this was not what I expected.

Also, the crotch is deep and the waist is loosely rounded but tight (to begin with, the waist is smaller than Jelado’s indicated size), so the waistband is well bearded for an XX model.

Also, the texture is different from other denim brands, so it’s good that it’s worth growing.

I’ll try my best to wear them so that I can report on the second color fading as soon as possible.

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