• 2021年8月22日

JELADO 301XX color fading record vol.01

The color hasn’t faded yet, but I’ve been wearing them five days a week for about three months, so here’s the first fading report for the record. Washed 3 times in 3 months. The photo shows the condition before the fourth washing. I’m a gutless person, so I do my best not to wash my clothes, but my beard has hardly grown at all. The whiskers are just starting to get a really faint bite to them, and the whiskers you see in the photo are not faded, but rather just established wrinkles from being worn. As you can see […]

  • 2021年8月22日

JELADO 301XX Report on size and silhouette

I bought JELADO’s AGE OF LONGING 301XX, and I’d like to report on its parts, size and how it fits. AGE OF LONGING 301xx The features are described in the other article, so let’s take a quick look at the characteristics. Deadstock 50’s Levi’s 501XX fabric is cut up and the fabric is analyzed by an international research institute. The results of this detailed analysis were then analyzed and reproduced by gathering “top-notch” spinning, dyeing, weaving, cutting, and sewing experts from all over Japan, to create warp and weft yarns that reproduce the number of twists and count to within […]