JELADO 301XX color fading record vol.02 (7months)

jelado 301xx color fading blog

It’s been seven months since I started wearing them. Now that the color fading has started to accelerate, here is the second color fading report.

JELADO 301xx Faded

12 washes in 7 months.

When I first started wearing them, I washed them about once a month, but recently I wash them in cold water every week or two, and wash them with detergent about once every two months.

JELADO 301xx Faded

The hips are barely faded.
(The actual color is more faded than the photo.)

Overview of JELADO 301XX

Purchase date: end of September 2020

I hemmed them about a week after I bought them and started to wear them in.

The features of 301XX are summarized below, and you may want to take a look at the separate article.




Penetration period

About seven months. I wear it five days a week, but my work is fully remote, so I have very little movement.

I also wear them after work for flexibility and strength training to work up a light sweat.

Still, since I live a life where I rarely leave the house, the denim probably isn’t taking too much of a toll on me for the duration.

Color fading report 2nd time

Compared to the first time, the fluff has been removed.

The buttonhole area has a bite, but it has not been dried in the dryer.

With a little sweat from the muscle training, I am getting a bite for the duration as I am doing exercises that rub the front part of my body such as my back muscles.

This denim is tight around the waist, so the side whiskers on the crotch are well contained.

The way the ears appear is delicate, and the type of dots that connect gives it a vintage look.

The part of the knee that rubs the most.

the “Kaminari” is clearly visible, the color fades quickly in this area.

jelado 301xx color fading blog

The overall feel of the back shows how supple the fabric is.

Stitching on the pocket part. The stitching on the part that is not the rivet part has been broken.

This model is probably affected by the weak sewing here and the unique placement of the pockets.

The weave of the fabric is as shown. It is quite uneven.

Leather patch discolored when glued on. The color is getting darker little by little.

301XX Silhouette

The color has not faded yet, so there are no pictures to wear.

For the silhouette, there is a picture of the dress in another article.


I bought JELADO's AGE OF LONGING 301XX, and I'd like to report on its parts, size and how it fits.AGE OF LONGING 301xx[…]

Gerard 301 Silhouette


I said in the first report three months ago that the color would fade quickly, but it didn’t go as far as I expected.

However, I think it has fallen off reasonably well for a soft wear.

Also, the 14oz fabric was something I was interested in when I bought it. It’s supple and comfortable to wear, but a little hot when the temperature rises.

It is not a dry fabric, so I feel that it will be hard to wear it in early summer.

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