JELADO 301XX color fading record vol.04 1 year and 2 months

JELADO color fading

It’s been 14 months since I started wearing them. This is the fourth color fading report.

The color is finally fading, and it’s becoming easier to match with spring and summer fashion.

About 20 washes in 14 months.

When I first started wearing them, I washed them about once a month, but after six months, I washed them in cold water every week or two, and I washed them with detergent about once every two months.

Recently, I’ve also been staining the faded white parts with muddy water to fix the color. I’m trying to make the color fade to give it a vintage look.

Overview of JELADO 301XX

Purchase date: end of September 2020

About a week after I bought them, I hemmed them up and started wearing them in.

The features of 301XX are summarized below, and you may want to take a look at the separate article.




Penetration period

About 14 months. I wore them 5 days a week for the first 8 months,but my work is full remote, so I move around a lot less.

I have been wearing it about twice a week for the last six months.

I also wear them after work for flexibility and muscle training to work up a light sweat.

Still, since I live a life where I rarely leave the house, the denim probably isn’t taking too much of a toll on me for the duration.

Fourth color fading report

The fluff has been completely removed, and the fabric has started to look frayed as the color fades.

There is no noticeable “Tate-ochi” and it is rather flat.

The ears come out well, but without exaggerated graininess or perfection.

But it’s atmospheric but natural, and I personally like the way the ears come out best among the reproductions.

Buttons on the front. The silhouette is tight around the waist, so the front hits well.

This is the part below the waist on the side where the denim is the most vulnerable.

It’s 14 oz, but the fabric is supple, so it looks like a light oz fade.

“Kaminari” is also fading and is likely to wear off in six months.

Puckering on the back. The fabric has a supple, yet dry look to it.

The leather patch is also aging, or rather, finished. The printing will become more and more invisible from here.

Nurturing the past few months

In the photo, the color is almost completely blown out, but it must be “muddy water growing”.

However, I did not soak them in muddy water, but scrubbed them lightly with a brush wetted with muddy water.

The purpose is to fix the color to the yarn that has faded and the mid-white has come out, so it is not for fading purposes.

Just a little bit of color settling in the white area changes the atmosphere quite a bit.

I’ve also started brushing them occasionally with a dry brush.

The goal of this is to make the fabric look hazy. I started this because I was looking at vintage worn denim and felt that the biggest difference was the fraying.

I thought that wear was necessary to give the feeling of being worn in, not because of the vividness of the color, but because the vividness is not large.

301XX Silhouette

The color fading is still not clear in the photo, so I will post it in my next report.

For the silhouette, there is a picture of the dress in another article.


JELADO(ジェラード)のAGE OF LONGING 301XXを購入したので、パーツやサイズ感、着画などをレポりたいと思います。AGE OF LONGING 301xx特徴については別記事で紹介しているので、ざっくり特[…]

ジェラード301 シルエット


The color is fading and the denim is finally starting to look like denim with atmosphere.

Also, “Muddy Water Cultivation” + “Brushing” is working well so far. I feel like this is going to be pretty good.

I think it will become clearer after another six months or so, so I hope you will be patient with me.


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