JELADO 301XX Report on size and silhouette

Gerard 301 Silhouette

I bought JELADO’s AGE OF LONGING 301XX, and I’d like to report on its parts, size and how it fits.


The features are described in the other article, so let’s take a quick look at the characteristics.

Deadstock 50’s Levi’s 501XX fabric is cut up and the fabric is analyzed by an international research institute.
The results of this detailed analysis were then analyzed and reproduced by gathering “top-notch” spinning, dyeing, weaving, cutting, and sewing experts from all over Japan, to create warp and weft yarns that reproduce the number of twists and count to within tenths of a percent.
The fabric is then dyed in a factory that is 99.9% color-blind, and woven using the number of strokes based on the analysis results of the TOYODA G3, which is a miracle that it is even in operation worldwide today.

In other words, it is denim that has pursued the original to the ultimate, and is characterized by the fact that it has not been rearranged as is often the case with reproduction denim.

301XX Fabric

The fabric is 14 ounces with a 7 count warp and 6 count weft. I thought the fabric would be a little lighter, but I guess that’s what the 501XX of the 50’s was.

The fabric feels smooth and soft for a one-wash condition.

It’s only been one-washed and dried, so there’s hardly any bite, but unlike LVC, it seems to have a neat, track-shaped bite.

I was expecting a flatter fabric without any unevenness because it is the ultimate reproduction of the original, but even in the one-wash state, the quality is satisfactory enough.

Parts of 301XX

I’m not picky about parts at all, but the way this denim is made, even I enjoy it.

jelado 301xx 02

The biggest feature is the hip. The pockets are misaligned all over the place.

It is interesting to note that the individual that was reproduced happened to look like this, but it was reproduced as it was.

The joint at the top of the pocket is also shown here.

The sewing is also messy at the mouth of the pocket (www). Well, it’s interesting.

The tabs are also unpalatable.

Top button.


The lightning bolt runs down the coin pocket; I thought the XX used fabric horizontally, but this model uses it vertically.

The sewing of the crotch part is also unique.

It’s the button fly part, but the stitching is unreliable.

The ears are also a bit dull, which is a good sign.

One-wash products are already unevenly lasered because they are also hung in the dryer.

The texture is supple and has a nice feel to it.

Size of 301XX

First of all, the size I bought this time is 31 inches, and the actual dimensions are as follows.

W31 Waist flat 37.2cm, Length 82.5cm, Inseam 30.7cm, Waist 29cm, Hem width 19.9cm

JELADO Official
W31 Waist 79cm, Length 83.5cm, Inseam 30.5cm, Thigh 29cm, Hem width 21cm

I’m sure there are differences in the way the measurements are taken, and I’m sure there are product errors, but the waist is small.

The hem width is the original inseam, and only the tip is narrow, but there was 21.2cm at 10cm from the tip, so it is generally as described.

There was a time when I thought I would wear a 30-inch dress, but the 31-inch dress was the right choice. Considering the waist alone, I could have gone with 32 inches, but the silhouette is more flattering with 31 inches.

For your reference, the other pants sizes I wear are as follows. I am 174cm tall and 65kg in weight.

The Warehouse is 1001 and 31 inches, which is moderately roomy, and 30 inches, which is a little tight when sitting down after a meal.

The 301XX is an inch smaller in the waist than the Warehouse 1001.

The Full count is 30 inches. The Resolute is also 30 inches, dried, and worn with a tight waist.

Silhouette of 301XX

I haven’t hemmed it yet, so I’m weaving it inside out at the original length.

I had imagined a thick silhouette, but from the front it looks quite sleek.


The sides are like a thud. It’s just the right size, so there’s almost no sagging.

The back view shows a beautiful round silhouette.

Gerard 301 Silhouette

Another cut. It has a 30cm crotch, so it’s a bit uncomfortable, but it has a 50s vibe.

Gerard 301 Silhouette back view

The crotch is deep, but the hip width is narrower and the shape is deeper.

This balance is new and fresh. It is a silhouette that does not sag when viewed from the side.

But still, it’s out of pocket.


Loafers and socks with high soles are a bit tricky, but if you’re wearing light-volume shoes or boots, you may want to roll them up significantly.

I’m thinking of hemming them up a bit and wearing them as the second person from the left.


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