Fullcount 30th anniversary S0105XX reproduces dead stock texture.

Full count 30th anniversary S0105XX

FullCount will release its 30th anniversary model as the Fall/Winter 2022 model.

Since this is a 10-year anniversary model, I believe it will be a very strong model for the full count, so we will look at the details.

Fullcount S0105XX 30th anniversary model

Fullcount 30th anniversary S0105XX


The denim material is 14.4 oz. of Zimbabwe cotton (warp #7, weft #6), woven at a lower speed than usual to create an uneven (rough) texture.

The most important point was to realize our long-held dream of recreating a dead-stock look and feel, like that of a dead stock found covered in dust after years of neglect in a dry, rural town in the United States. After much trial and error using a variety of methods, we have finally achieved this goal. The result is a pair of jeans that will have a strong bite when worn after rigid wear.

The pocket slacks are made of dead stock herringbone that has been kept warm for many years. The belt loops are made of 13.7 oz denim.

The silhouette is 0105, with a serial number on the leather patch, 30th anniversary flasher, tote bag, and other accessories.

The goal was to realize a long-held dream of recreating the texture of a fully drained product.
“fully drained of moisture” I share this view, and believe that draining moisture/oil is important to create a rubbed-in feel.
In Japan with soft water, fabrics become softer when washed, and in modern times when they are not exposed to dirt and grit on a daily basis, they lack the elements to remove oil and moisture.
I am all for this idea in that regard.
Finally, after trial and error using a variety of methods, we have completed the product.This makes it possible to create a strong sense of bite when worn from rigid.
However, the dryness is due to the glue, and I imagine that after one-washing, it would be a 14.4oz Zimbabwean cotton fabric with a rough texture.
In this light, the difference from the usual FullCount is small, and it is a delicately balanced fabric that neither 13.7oz nor 15.5oz could have achieved.
That makes me think, hmmm, this is the kind of fabric that looks promising.

Are there any updates to the full count that you would like to see improved?

What I personally do not like about FullCount is the following feeling.

The one-washed fabric is very comfortable to wear, but the more you wear it, the more the fabric weakens and becomes less comfortable than other denim.
The softer the Zimbabwe cotton is, the more you wear it, the more the silhouette becomes more elegant.
In terms of whether the above can be improved.
The 14.4oz Zimbabwe cotton feels less tawny while maintaining comfort.
Both the “15.5oz XX Denim” and “Rough Denim” that Full Count has released so far didn’t feel decisively unique, but they seem to be a good balance of the two.

Option to wear rigid

There may be some positive points, but the model was originally intended to be “rigid and enjoyable to wear”, and without this, I honestly feel there is not much difference. I feel that if you don’t do this, there is not much difference between the two.

First of all, wearing in rigid means choosing a size that is just right in the rigid state.

If you do this, the garment will run out of size after one-washing. To prevent this from happening, let’s say that the waistband is pinched to prevent it from shrinking.

Even if they did, the silhouette is 0105’s thicker silhouette. Except for the waist, I think it will shrink quite a bit from the rigid state and the whiskers will be out of place.

This means that the denim is considered finished when it is one-washed, or new whiskers are carved without regard to the previous whiskers after that.

If you can accept this, OK, it’s a pretty fun denim, but I can’t imagine how it will turn out.

So how do you wear them? Do you buy them?

Frankly, I think the limited edition World War II models that have been released every year for the last 10 years or so have been poorly done.

However, the last 1-2 years of the Great War models have been rather good that I would like to have (but not buy).

I think it is a good buy because it is a spirited model that is celebrating its 30th anniversary there, and I feel that it has reached the peak of perfection in the past trends.

However. To be honest, it is tough to wear in rigid. I would like to buy them on the assumption that I will wear them for a long time.

So, wash it lightly, and then put a glue mixed with soil on trial and puncture it (the soil will remove the oil).

After that, enjoy the rough Zimbabwe cotton at 14.4 oz.

When I think about it, I feel that I can enjoy a full count that I have never had before.

Now I just need to hold off on the other denim and see if I have time to wear it.


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