Resolute’s greatest achievement is that it is just the right size and ages well in the dryer.

The concept of Resolute denim is very different from previous reproduction denim, and I think many people are anti-resolute.

I also had a negative impression when I first picked up Resolute denim in a store.

In the past, reproductions of denim, such as vivid color fading and unevenness of the fabric, gave us the pleasure of owning them as a finished product.

Resolute is very different from these, the expression of the fabric is diluted, and the faded sample color remains light, so I thought it would be better to buy the original red ear.

A few years later, I bought a pair of Resolutes to try out, and as I wore them and noticed the Resolutes that others were wearing, I began to realize how much of an impact Resolute had on denim lovers.

I would like to explain how I came to that idea, along with the features of Resolute.

Features of Resolute

Resolute ear bite.

I think the features of Resolute are as follows.

  1. Inseam and hip sizing to fit Japanese (compact)
  2. Ears with a strong bite reminiscent of the red ears of the 70s and 80s
  3. Fluffing of the fabric

I think most people who wear Resolute are probably attracted to the sizing in (1). However, this sizing is also the part that is most criticized by anti-Resolute people.

Resolute sizing

As you know, the Resolute is inspired by the 66 model and the 503B, the boy’s version of the XX, and is sized to fit the Japanese body shape.

It is also recommended that you wear it with a sizing of just right to 1 inch down.

The point about wearing slim pants tightly is a style that has suited us in the past, so there is nothing wrong with that, but the problem is that the people who wear these are not slim. And then there’s the drying method recommended by Rizzolt.

Resolute recommended drying method

Resolute’s recommended way to maintain denim is to wash it face down, with multiple strands of denim, and put it in a commercial dryer.

I think this is an effective way to bring out the bite and puckering of the ears, but the problem is that the fabric may shrink due to drying.

The fabric shrinks every time I put the denim in the dryer, even though the right to tight size.

RESOLUTE silhouette

The fabric is easily stretchable, which means that if you pull it off, you won’t have any problems, but you will have quite a bit of trouble even around the waist, and it won’t stretch easily around the thighs. Even though it stretches, it only stretches in a way that suits your silhouette, so if you have thick legs, your thick silhouette will come out as it is.

It suits Mr. Hayashi, the designer of Resolte.

After all, Resolute is the ideal of the designer, Mr. Hayashi, and it looks good on people like him who are slim and have good style, but I think most buyers of this kind of denim will be in their 40s.

Your body shape and frame will change and you will become thicker than younger people. If you are not slender to begin with, wearing tight pants in a tight size will not give you a beautiful silhouette.

When they were first purchased in one wash, they were not shrink-to-fit, so the silhouette of the denim itself would show, but the more you wear them, the more they become the silhouette of your own legs.

If the pants are not tight, there will only be a partial fit, but with the Resolute silhouette, it will fit all the way around and show the silhouette of my legs, making them tight and snug.

As you can see in the photo of Mr. Hayashi wearing them, there is a little room below the waist and the thighs do not fit and the silhouette falls in a straight line.

So if Mr. Hayashi wears them, they will be beautiful, but I don’t think this is the case for most people.

The denim choose the right person to wear it

I think Resolute is a denim that chooses the wearer based on the brand’s recommended size selection.

If you want to wear a size up or just enjoy the darker color of the denim before it fits you, I think it’s fine for people with normal body types.

However, I feel that it goes against the style of Resolute, so I can’t get rid of the impression that it’s a difficult denim.

In fact, I used to wear Resolute 711, but I stopped wearing it because I hated how tight it was.

Resolute’s achievements

But on the other hand, as Resolute’s sizing and handling of denim expanded, we began to see a shift in the mindset of denim fans.

The first is the choice of size. In the 90’s, when reproduction denim was at its peak, oversized denim was the standard, and even after that, I think many people chose one size oversized.

One-cushion length used to be the standard, but with the birth of Resolute, the idea of wearing just the right size and stretching out has spread, and I think more and more people are wearing ankle-length denim to match their shoes.

I think Resolute has had a big impact on the growing trend from denim as workwear to vintage-like denim with a modern silhouette.

The second is dryer aging. It is now common to use fabric shrinkage caused by the use of a dryer and the friction between denim to produce ear bite and puckering.

I think this has brought a new approach to the act of growing denim to its roots.

Personally, I have trouble wearing this denim, but I can say that Resolute has had a significant impact on denim fans.

Just to let you know, I don’t hate Resolute. I stopped wearing the one I had been wearing, but I went up two inches and bought a new 711.

The waist is a little big, and the silhouette is a little roomy, but I plan to use the dryer to get the waist just right and the silhouette just right, and wear them in.

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