Painter and Wide Japanese denim pants Recommendation

Wide pants, such as painted pants and utility pants, accentuate summer fashion.

Voluminous pants that can be worn with just a T-shirt and pants are very useful.

From among the many wide pants available, I pick out recommendation for “good faded Japanese denim“.

Painter / Wide denim is often seasonal

First, denim in painters and wide silhouettes is often a seasonal collection.

Under these circumstances, we can recommend “denim that can be bought year-round” as a standard product.


Vintage updated with a modern look. Reproductions without compromising fashion.

We examine clothes with “originality” and create them. orslow designs “slow” standard clothes loved and supported by many people, such as work and military clothes, through a filter.

The brand combines vintage techniques and details with contemporary silhouettes and designs.

painter pants

Painter pants made of 9-ounce denim, a standard item since 2007.

The fabric has a good feel from the one-wash and requires little time to be finished to a “cozy” look, which is a problem with vintage replicas. It is a big advantage to create a soft impression, especially since these pants are worn during the hot season.

The moderately tapered, clean silhouette is also good for fashion, making these pants useful in any situation.

Price: 20,790 yen


U.S.NAVY Denim Utility Pants

The design is inspired by the work clothes of the U.S. Navy. The weft yarn is made of fine yarn to create a 9 oz. light-weight denim, and the yarn and weaving machine are carefully selected to create a unique unevenness.

It is made of the same 9-ounce denim as the painters, but it is lighter to wear and does not suffer from the midsummer heat.

Price: 20,790 yen


Features of orslow

One-washed texture and silhouette for immediate results

Atmospheric, but the fabric is soft, so it is difficult to get a crisp fade


Official website” Orslow color fade sample



TCB Jeans

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If you take only the color fading, it is the No. 1 light-ounce denim brand

TCB Jeans is a factory brand of a sewing factory located in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. The company makes products from the era known as “vintage” with attention to detail to maximize their appeal.


SEAMENS TROUSERS based on vintage 40’s USN DECK PANTS owned by TCB.

Made of 10oz denim with natural irregularities. The silhouette is traced from a vintage pair, and the count and color of the sewing threads are picked up one by one.
Yarn-dyed gray thread is used for sewing thread for hard wearing.

Price: 18,260 yen


Carpenter Pants IND

10.5 oz. light-weight selvage denim made of natural, naturally uneven rice cotton.

The top charcoal gray yarn is hammered into the weft to create a deep indigo color.

Price: 17,930 yen

Seamens pants are the strongest in color fading

The dyeing is dark and it takes time to be worn out. The silhouette is traced from those days, so it looks wild.


Official website


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¥18,260(2024/04/24 08:34:12時点 楽天市場調べ-詳細)

Boncoura Jeans

Boncoura that create a lovable product that foolishly incorporates the designer’s commitment to excellence.

BON COURAGE” in French and “BONKURA” in Japanese = a lovable fool who persists in his convictions and pushes himself. The brand “BONCOURA” has these two meanings.

Work Pants Denim

Inspired by U.S. military work pants, this is a pair that can be worn all over the place.

Boncoura’s original light-weight denim fabric is neither too heavy nor too light, and is exquisitely comfortable and can be worn season after season. The exquisite wide silhouette makes it easy to pair with a variety of tops.

Price: 35,200 yen

A perfect balance of wildness and sophistication

High price because of designer brand standing.


Official website

seasonal item

The brand presents thin, wide silhouette denim during the spring and summer seasons, although not necessarily every season.



From the Spring/Summer 2021 catalog.

Official website




Full Count

Summer 2021 model

Official website

フルカウント Covert Nep Farmers Trousers ネップデニム ファーマーズトラウザー




Summer 2021 model

Official website


ワーカーズ WORKERS デニム ベイカーパンツ


Sugar Cane

Official website


Non-Reproduction Brand

Although the color fading may be inferior to that of vintage reproduction brands, this brand offers a new silhouette with a focus on materials.

cal o line barrel painter

Wide denim pants with both painted and five-pocket detailing.

The fabric with a strong nep feel has a vintage feel, while the three-dimensional silhouette and innovative parts are appealing.


CAL O LINE(キャルオーライン) バレル ペインターパンツ


Bruna Boin Peter Pants No.2

Lightly woven to the utmost limit, yet with an atmospheric, uneven feel. It is a selvedge denim with a strong denim-like presence.

New yet nostalgic, Brunavoin’s neo-basic pants are made with the hope that they will be vintage 100 years from now.


Preparation in advance is important.

If they are to be operated from this summer, it would be better to let the color fade to some extent by wearing them at home beforehand, so that they will be compatible with summer fashions.

The reason I recommend orsloe is that it does not take time to prepare this advance.

Nevertheless, each denim has its own charm, so I think it would be good to wear them home in the hot season with an eye toward next year.




オアスロウ ユーティリティデニム 色落ち


オアスロウ ペインター 色落ち


ウエアハウス ペインター 色落ち