LVC (Levi’s Vintage Clothing) 55501 Made in Japan Faded

lvc faded

I’ve been wanting to try these LVC (Levi’s Vintage Clothing) 55501 made in Japan.

I don’t think it’s the closest to vintage because it’s the original, but I was curious about the natural look of the beard and the way the color fades in the knee area, which is different from the Japanese reproduction brands.

However, the color seems to fade slowly. I was hesitant because it was not going to be crisp unless I went for a spirited bite (this is vintage style), but I found a good used one, so I bought it.

Levi's Vintage Clothing 55501

LVC 501

I think this denim have been worned quite hard, but even so, the color is not faded to a crisp.


LVC (Levi’s Vintage Clothing) 55501 (Made in Japan).

As you can see from the lot number, it is a reproduction of the ’55 501XX.

Levi’s reproductions were originally made in the U.S.A., but at some point, both U.S.A. and Japanese products started to be released. The fabric is quite different as well as the sewing. Compared to the USA, where the ear bite is hard to be seen, the Japanese version can be seen quite well.

LVC 55501 fabric made in Japan

lvc faded

It is made of denim made by Kaihara, and it is an evolved version of the fabric of replica jeans from the early 90s.

As the reproductions of denim from the late 90’s onward competed for the unevenness of the fabric, I think the fabric was made so that people can enjoy the bumps and whiskers even when wearing it on a daily basis, as there is not much physical labor today.

Reproduced denim from the early 90’s was somewhat unrefined, with flat ears and no fold over, and not many shades of color.

I think this fabric from LVC is something that wipes out the lack of the early 90’s, but does not over-specify.

The fabric is stiff and stiff, and uncomfortable to wear, but I think it is a so-called Levi’s-like fabric.

The vertical fall is a little bit in short lines, but it is a point fall. The balance of this vertical drop is probably XX-like.

The bite of the ears is there (XX-like) and the bite of the whiskers is gentle.


Top button and rivets. The texture of the parts is lacking.

Coin pocket. The position of the pocket is high, probably because it is of this age.

There are ears on the back side.

It’s made in Japan is marked on the back, and the part number is J09A J10505 0203.

There is no shading in the paper patch section, so I wonder if the patch tears easily.

They seem to have been rehemmed along the way, so there is not much bite.

The stitching has more texture than I imagined. There is an angle to the arcuate.

Silhouette and size

No photo, but I’m 174cm 65kg and fit true to size at 32 inches.

I was expecting it to be thicker than it was because it was a late ‘ XX model, but it was rather normal and straight.

LVC’s Japanese products may shrink more than the USA products, so be careful when you wash them because they are smaller than the indicated size.


It’s hard to describe the denim.

The current Japanese brands are so well made that I’ve grown accustomed to them, and I think it would be fun to wear them for about two years after the first wash.

Also, to get a crisp color fade, you need to wash it much less.

To be honest, I feel that the quality is lacking, but I think there is something unique about this denim. After a few years, I think I’ll like the natural color fading, and if I wear it well, it will become a near-vintage piece.

1955年モデル 【LVC】 リーバイス 501XX ストレートジーンズ/生デニム LEVIS 501XX 1955 MODEL