Levi’s celebrates its 150th anniversary with a limited release of five models, including 1873.

リーバイス 150周年 1873

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Levi’s patent (i.e. the day jeans were born), five limited edition models will be available, including the 1873 model – the early 501XX.

On May 20, 1873, Levi’s® was granted a patent for “a method of using metal rivets for reinforcing the pockets of clothing” and the world’s first jeans were born. Levi’s® celebrates the birth of these jeans, which are still engraved on the patches of all its products, every year as “501® Day”.
Pricing and detailed specs are still undisclosed, but the 1873 model looks cool.
But I wonder how much white oak fabric Levis has in stock…

1873 “XX Waist Overalls” *Scheduled to go on sale in mid-May

Levi's 150th anniversary 1873

The indigo dye is shallow and the fabric seems thin.

The atmosphere of the single stitching together is good, and the color and plot of the pants are likely to be used as fashionable pants.

1890 “White Oak” 501® Jeans *Scheduled to be available in late April

The position of the pockets is unique. The reette is not bare and the archuettes are unique.


1901 “White Oak” 501® Jeans *Scheduled to go on sale in late March

The indigo dye is shallow here as well, and the fabric seems thin.

We can already see the tate-ochi and will enjoy the intense line fall-off.

1922 “White Oak” 501® Jeans *Scheduled to go on sale in late February

The denim colors and fabrics start to look familiar from these years.

The balance of the architecht is quintessentially original and cool.

1937 “Japan” 501® Jeans * Scheduled to go on sale in mid-February

We have no information on this one yet, but we wonder how they will finish the 1937 model, which seems to have been served up.


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