LVC201XX Made in USA, Valencia Factory

LVC 201XX Made in USA Faded

LVC (Levi’s Vintage Clothing) 201XX made in Valencia factory, USA.

The reason I bought them was because I didn’t really feel comfortable with the Japanese LVCs made with Kaihara denim, so I thought I’d try the American ones.

LVC 201XX Color Fading

LVC 201XX Color Fading 2

The natural fading of the color, which is not worn in hard, is a nice touch.

LVC is not suitable for adding whisker and “hachinosu”, so that is not what I am looking for in this denim.

On the contrary, I loved this regular denim look without any expression.

LVC 201XX Overview

LVC (Levi’s Vintage Clothing) 201XX (Made in USA/Made in Valencia Factory).

The 201XX is a reprint of the 1937 XX, featuring a slightly wider silhouette and a cinch back.

It appears to have been manufactured in 1999.

LVC 201XX Fabric made in the USA

Both whiskers and ears are lightly faded. From the overall color fading and the fraying around the waist, I can imagine that the whiskers and ears are not easily faded, as it does not look like it has been washed extremely often.

LVC 201XX Made in USA Faded

The color does not fade easily, so the hip look is natural.The 201XX has a good archite sewing and fabric familiarity, and the look here is what made me buy this model.

I don’t like the stitching on LVC’s American made except for 33501 and 201. All but these two may have nylon mixed in.

The vertical fading is moderate, and there is almost no nepiness.

The fading of the ears is of course modest. As the color fades, it may look a bit more there, but it’s not a railroad track type, so I can’t hope much here.

I will glue it in the future and try to see how the color fades.

The chain stitch twists are there. I like the feel of the ears, but you can see that the fabric is not very uneven.


The rivets are quite normal. The rivets are ordinary, and lighter than those of Japanese reproduction brands.

The back of the coin pocket is ear-shaped. The body is light pink, but brownish.

The color must be fading on the leg side.

Rivets on the slake. You can see the light texture in the photo.

The slake is thin and made of a stiff fabric.

The top button was made in the Valencia factory, “555”, although the stamp is fading.

Product labels. I like the messy look.

The leather patches are soft and slippery.

The cinchback is sandwiched between two metal fittings. By the way, it loosens up quickly.

Surprisingly, the puckering comes out well and has a nice atmosphere.

The red tab is an exquisite material. It’s cheesy, but it has flavor.

Silhouette and size

I’m 174cm 65kg and I’m wearing 34 inches, which is slightly roomy.

The model with the cinch back has a smaller waist.201XX is about 3 sizes smaller.

I usually wear a 31 inchs just right.

LVC 201XX Silhouette

straight down

Light round silhouette.


The lack of fraying of the fabric and the bluish, dull color fading are refreshing after experiencing the intense color fading of Japanese reproduction brands.

I think it’s easier to match with the fashion than the reproduction type, and it’s also good for creating a modern look.

As for the color fading, it’s a middle ground between the reproduction brand and regular denim, which makes me want to accelerate the fading process.

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