JELADO 301XX color fading record vol.03 10 months

jelado 301xx fade color

Ten months have passed since I started wearing them. This is the third color fading report.

jelado 301xx fade color

About 16 washes in 10 months.

When I first started wearing them, I washed them about once a month, but recently I wash them in cold water every week or two, and wash them with detergent about once every two months.

The color fading has progressed a bit, but it still doesn’t show up in the photos.

Overview of JELADO 301XX

Purchase date: end of September 2020

I hemmed them about a week after I bought them and started to wear them in.

The features of 301XX are summarized below, and you may want to take a look at the separate article.




Penetration period

Approximately 10 months.I wear it five days a week, but my work is fully remote, so I have very little movement.

I also wear them after work for flexibility and strength training to work up a light sweat.

Still, since I live a life where I rarely leave the house, the denim probably isn’t taking too much of a toll on me for the duration.

Color fading report 3rd time

Most of the fluff has been removed and the atmosphere of the fabric has come out.

It’s been three months since my last report, and the color has faded more than I expected.



jelado 301xx 色落ち ブログ


The contrast shade is lighter, but I think it’s enough for frequent washing.

The knee area, which gets the most wear, has a firm bite to it.

The way the ears come out is wonderful.

The bite of the “kaminari (thunder bolt)” also came out well.

The puckering is colorful and the color is expected to fade considerably in the future.

The leather patches are also aging and becoming more cozy.

Features revealed after 10 months of wear

First of all, the fabric is supple and very comfortable to the touch.

However, as the stiffness of the fabric came off, it was difficult to get a crisp bite due to its flexibility, and the color became hazy.

It may be due to the fact that they have been washed many times, but I think that even if you wear them hard, it will be difficult to get an extreme bite compared to other brands of denim.

So, the initial wearing-in is going to be a major point.

It’s not as soft as full count Zimbabwean cotton, but it feels close.

301XX Silhouette

The color has not faded yet, so there are no pictures to wear.

For the silhouette, there is a picture of the dress in another article.


I bought JELADO's AGE OF LONGING 301XX, and I'd like to report on its parts, size and how it fits.AGE OF LONGING 301xx[…]

Gerard 301 Silhouette


With Jelado, the color fading will be fun, and it will definitely look good.

But the more supple the fabric becomes, the less wild it is likely to be.

So from here on, I will use a mud wash to remove the oil from the fabric in order to get the suppleness.


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