RESOLUTE 711 color fading record 1 year and 6 months vol.01

Resolute ear bite.

As a person who is used to reproduction denim from the 90’s, I wasn’t really attracted to the color fading of RESOLUTE, except for the bite on the ears.

I felt it was a bit deliberate, but I wanted to try it out, so I bought a used one that hadn’t faded too much.

I’ve worn them for about a year and a half since then, so I’d like to record the color fading.

RESOLUTE 711 color fading

RESOLUTE 711 color fading


Purchased: December 2017

Price: 27,000 yen

The most famous Risorto is the 710, based on the 66 model, but the 711 is based on the 503B, the boy’s version of the XX.

As it is based on the boy’s version, the size is small enough to fit the Japanese body shape.

The crotch is also slightly shallow, especially the back crotch, which is shallower than normal pants, creating a beautiful silhouette with no sagging when worn by Japanese.

The fabric is 13.5 oz, making it relatively easy to wear even in summer.

Penetration period

Used and slightly worn, worn about twice a week for about a year and a half.

Circumstances in which it was worn

I am currently living in Thailand, I wore them mainly as commuting clothes for office work, although they are equivalent to what I wear in Japan in summer.

Frequency of washing

I wash them after wearing them two or three times. I wash them inside out and turn them face up in the dryer.

I’ve run the dryer about five times since I bought it, but now I can’t hang it up because it shrinks so much in size.

Features of Resolute

RESOLUTE’s most famous feature is the ear bite that runs in the shape of a railroad track.

Resolute ear bite.

The overall color is still there, but the ears are barely showing.

It’s an XX model, but I guess it has the feel of a 66 model.

The fabric doesn’t have much unevenness, and it’s hard to get bruises such as whiskers. I like the fact that it doesn’t have much of a bite because it’s close to the original.

But it doesn’t have a Tate-Ochi, so that’s a minus point.

One of the features of the 711 is that the wrinkles in the back are amazing. This is my favorite point.


Leather patches with a grainy texture. There’s no shrinkage from the dryer, and the smooth texture has a luxurious feel.

The top button on the front is RESOLUTE JPN; I guess they were conscious of overseas expansion because they put JPN on it.

The coin pocket is of course earthed.

Tag at the waist. The embroidery has come undone.

The button part is facing out and has been dried in the dryer, so it has a slight bite to it.

The hems are hemmed, so the bite of the hems is not so bad.


174cm 65kg, wearing 30 inches. Waist is a little tight. If it pull a little, it will fit.

RESOLUTE silhouette

Being a 711, it’s not too thin around the thighs, but it’s tight around the hipbone.

The silhouette is not good because it is so tight around the waist that it cannot draw a round.

RESOLUTE 711 silhouette

I don’t dislike the silhouette from the side, but I still feel like my hip bones are tight and pulled in.

RESOLUTE 711 silhouette

Hips are true to size. The hem width is 20cm, but it looks wider due to the weaving wrinkles.


Ristolt is characterized by its silhouette and the bite on the ears.

I bought it to try out the ear bite, but what I liked more than the ear bite was the silhouette.

The 711’s crotch is shallower than the 710’s, but at 30 inches and 26.5 cm, it’s a perfect size with the waist stopping just at the hips.

The back crotch is too shallow for my body type, so it pulls upward in the back view, but the size balance that takes into account the lack of Japanese hips is very good for such slim jeans.

However, although I chose the size according to Mr. Hayashi, the designer of RESOLUTE, it shrunk and became tight when I put it in the dryer.

Because of the elasticity of the fabric, I can wear them if I pull them on, but the silhouette will not be beautiful if they fit just right on my legs, which do not have a beautiful shape to begin with.

Therefore, in my opinion, if you have a slender frame and straight legs, you may be able to get the right size, but if you don’t, you may want to buy an inch larger than your usual size.

Considering the fact that it will shrink after being dried, you may want to go up 2 inches. Even so, I think the crotch and waist are a little tight and will give you a nice silhouette.

Unfortunately, the Rizzolto I’m wearing now has become too snug, so I’m going to stop wearing it, but I plan to go up a size and wear the same model again.

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