Resolute resizing – dryer and hemming

I got tired of the tight feeling of wearing just the right size of RESOLUTE, so I bought the 711, which is a size up, just for revenge.

I bought a size two inches larger than the previous one, assuming I would be hanging the dryer around.

They are still in a big state overall, but I would like to follow the process of making them just the right size from here on through the tapered drawing of the hem width and shrinkage by the dryer.

narrower hem width

The waist is 711 with a 32 inch waist and the hem width is 22 cm. To make it tapered, squeeze 2cm from the inner thigh to make it 20cm.

Fitting with dryer shrinkage

The waist just is 30 inches, so the size will be adjusted while shrinking in the dryer.

Silhouette comparison

(Left) As it was when I bought it.
(Middle) Narrowed hem width
(Right)After narrowing the hem width and putting it into the dryer for the first time.

RESOLUTE silhouette

The tapered hem width aperture is obvious.

The difference due to shrinkage in the dryer is not so obvious from the front.

Due to the folded creases, the tapered line is not clear.

The difference due to dryer shrinkage is in the waist and hip area. Also, the length is about 1cm shorter.

I felt that the crotch was shortened, and the shrinkage was felt a little below the waist, rather than at the waist itself.

From the back, it’s easy to see the taper and the effect of the dryer shrinkage. By making it fit, it is becoming more like a Resolute silhouette.

I’d like to shrink it a little more, but the 2 inch increase might have been too big. That’s my current impression.

Size after dryer

Waist 40.7cm, crotch front 27.8cm, crotch back 33.5cm, waist 30cm, hem width 19.5cm

I forgot to measure the size before the dryer, but the shrinkage in the crotch area seems to be quite large.

Also, the hem width shrank by 0.5 cm, and the overall length shrank by about 1 cm. However, if you wear them in and repeat the drying process, they should shrink even more!

The 711, with a 30-inch waist, is the size below, which I found unbearably tight.

Waist 37cm, crotch front 26.3cm, crotch back 32.3cm, waist 29cm, hem width 20.8cm (no customization)

I think I can make it smaller in the dryer one more time, as I reached my limit after 5 cycles in the dryer.

Resolute Silhouette 711

It’s not as carefree, but this is more like Resolute, and honestly, it’s cooler.

The new Resolute is still getting used to my body shape, but I think it will fit me better in the future.

Size transition and forecast

(Dryer, 1st time)
Waist 40.7cm, Inseam Front 27.8cm, Inseam Back 33.5cm, Waist 30cm, Hem Width 19.5cm, Inseam 74.8cm, Total Length 95.5cm

(Dryer, second time)
Waist 39.2cm, Inseam Front 27.4cm, Inseam Back 33.5cm, Waist 30cm, Hem Width 19.3cm, Inseam 73.5cm, Total Length 95cm

(Dryer running three times)
Waist 39.0cm, Inseam Front 27.4cm, Inseam Back 33.5cm, Waist 30cm, Hem Width 19.1cm, Inseam 73.5cm, Total Length 95cm

(Reference: 30 inches, dryer 5 times + 2 years of wear)
Waist 37cm, crotch front 26.3cm, crotch back 32.3cm, waist 29cm, hem width 20.8cm (no customization)

The second time in the dryer, the waist shrank significantly. The inseam has also shrunk, but there is almost no difference in the overall length (outseam). I wonder if this is due to twisting.

Third time in the dryer, almost no change. It shrunk a little on the side.

The pros and cons of going up 2 inches

It is difficult to judge the pros and cons at this point because the fabric will shrink further when washed and dried, and the harder the fabric becomes, the less it will stretch after washing.

However, in terms of enjoying this darker color state, I think that the 2-inch increase was a mistake.

The sagging at the waist (especially at the sides and back) is the reason for my concern, and I think it will be difficult to eliminate even if the fabric shrinks from here.

Leaving aside the final conclusion, my impression is that the 1 inch increase (in Mr. Hayashi’s fitting) would have been easier to control in the dryer. Or It could just size up and not use the dryer.

But if you are going to run the dryer all the time, I think it would be safer to go up 2 inches if you have normal leg thickness.

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