Sugarcane 1947 fading – rustic color fading and price is attractive

Sugarcane 1947 faded

SUGAR CANE denim has an established reputation for cost performance, but the fading supremacists want the best even if it costs 10,000 yen more.

Especially in the latter half of the replicant denim boom, many people didn’t choose Sugar Cane denim because it lacked impact with its solid image.

However, there were times when I thought that the color of the faded denim might be the most suitable for Levi’s.

I bought a nicely worn-in 1947 model to check that out.

SugarCane 1947

Maybe the previous owner wore it just right, or maybe the beard is more natural.

The price is 16,280 yen in a denim industry where prices continue to rise. This appropriateness is, on the contrary, very American.

SugarCane 1947XX Fabric

There are three types of 1947 model, Type 1, 2 and 3, with different silhouettes and fabrics, but as far as the leather patch is concerned, it is Type 1.

The fabric is said to be 14.25 oz, but when you hold it in your hand, it is thin and light.

If you didn’t know what an oz was, you might think it was about 13 ounces.

Each type has a different Lot number, Type 1 is “1947”. Type 2 is “2004” and Type 3 is “2014”.

Sugarcane 1947 faded

It has a good vertical fade and a delicate color fade. 90’s Sugar Cane had a somewhat unrefined look, but the unevenness is subdued and has a full-count look.

The whisker is also very natural.

The ears are kind of flat, but I think they will become just right as the color fades.


The bite of the coin pocket is not wildly overdone.

Are the rivets T.Y (TouYou)?

There is less twisting of the chain stitch.

1947 silhouette

I’m 174cm 65kg and I wear a 31″ just right.

SugarCane 1947 Silhouette

The crotch is a little deeper, the wattles are a little thicker, and the line is slightly tapered. They are a good size.

The silhouette is thick but still fits there.

The hip area is neat and the wattles give it a martial look.


It’s probably the closest thing to Levi’s I’ve ever seen.I can’t say anything about this point.

It gives the impression of a combination of LVC’s USA-made and Japanese replica denim, without being lacking or overdone.

Then, if you ask me if it’s just right, I’d say that something lack.

Something is missing, but it doesn’t feel vintage either. But it has a good feeling.

It’s an indescribable denim.


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SUGAR CANE(シュガーケーン)
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