Real McCoy’s LEE 101B Fading color

McCoys Lee faded.

The LEE 101B was produced by Real McCoys in collaboration with EDWIN.

It is a reissue of the LEE model that I want to take my time with, but since the color fades slowly, it has been more than a decade since I somehow continued this time again.

In the end, we decided to try buying used ones that had faded, and if they fit right, we would try wearing rigid ones.

Real McCoys denim Faded

Real McCoys Lee model Faded

The leather patches had been removed and the garment looked roughly worn, but the bite was weak.

I think this is a characteristic of the LEE model, which has a weak bite, rather than the way it is worn.

Real McCoys LEE 101B Fabrics

For those familiar with Levi’s reproducts, the fabric is flat and somewhat lacking.

I think the LEE style of overall light color fading comes out well.

McCoy's Faded

Real McCoy's Jeans Faded

tate-ochi fading. The line fading is more apparent as the overall color fades.

McCoys Lee faded.

The hips also have a natural look, as the color does not fade to an extreme between the pockets.

Personally, I don’t like anything with extreme fading only on the hips, so the bite here is a weak benefit.


Just looking at this place, it’s like vintage itself. I’m very impressed.

Co-production tag with Edwin.

Like the LEE tabs, I personally find the cross stitching to be the crucible of the LEE model.

There is no selvedge on the coin pocket.

Engraving on back of button. I can’t read it well. Even if I could read it, what is the abbreviation starting with “U”?

The leather patches have been taken off in a messy manner. Judging from the color remnants, it was probably removed earlier.

Silhouette of McCoy’s LEE

Height 174 cm, weight 65 kg. size 30 inches, almost true to size.

As with the LEE model, the size is larger than indicated (31 inches is just right for the Levi’s model).

McCoy's Silhouette

Neither thick nor thin. It is a standard silhouette.

McCoy's Lee Size

It has a shapely hip area and storied lines when viewed from the side.

Although it is small at 30 inches, it has a good balance of LEE’s characteristic pocket placement.


This was my first LEE model replica jeans, and I am quite satisfied with the pictures.

If you are used to Levi’s replicas, it is a bit strange to feel them in your hand and to see the tate-ochi run in the lines. However, I think this is just the way it is, and I like the individuality of it.

One drawback is the lack of bite in the selvedge.

Of course, there may be a problem with the way they are worn, but both Real McCoys and Warehouse, the leading brands of LEE models, have weak ear bite when seen worn.

The Fullcount replicas that don’t look like LEE have a pretty strong selvedge bite. I wonder how they get that vintage selvedge bite.