NYLON store d color fade record used purchase vol.01

These are the original denim from the nostalgic NYLON shop.

Nylon is an American casual wear store from Kobe, but there was also a store in Fukuoka, where I lived at the time, and my friend worked there.

Nylon denim, fading


Nylon denim, fading



Original denim sold by the American casual store “NYLON” in Kobe.

This is the XX model with part number FN083. The fabric is made by FOB. The fabric thickness is about 14.5 oz.

It is characterized by dark dyeing that appears black at first glance and a 90s-like fabric texture that fades with a distinct crispness.

Penetration period

I bought them used, so I can’t be certain, but I think they were worn for 6 months to a year without much washing.

It has been washed once since purchase and is in the process of enjoying the crispness of this color.

Nylon denim fabric

FOB Denim fading

The texture is uneven and the fabric is thick, which gives it a crisp, but firm and dry feel.

Perhaps because of this, the color fades relatively naturally, with no strong bite.

Also, the weft yarns that are not dyed with indigo are slightly brownish.

I believe this is what reproduces the deep, almost black color and the faded color that does not look extremely white when faded.

The previous owner has probably worn them from rigid or one-washed condition without much washing, so they are well whiskered and have a dull faded color.

One of the things I like about this denim is that it has a solid selvedge bite, but without being extreme.

The selvedge is also a little wider, which differentiates it from other brands and makes it a fun pair to wear.


The top button is a NYLON original, and the fact that it is stamped “VINTAGE” gives it a straightforward, period feel.

The leather patch is a tank. The parody of Levi’s is unique to this era.

The quality label tag is similar in design to FOB. As I recall, other Porky’s in Kyoto also used fabrics made by FOB.


I am 174cm 65kg and wear a 33″ true to size.

Please note that nylon denim is 2 to 3 inches smaller in actual size than the size indicated, so be careful if you are buying used.

The silhouette is thick and straight with a work feel.

Personally, I am in the mood for a thick, stompy silhouette. It’s perfect for summer outfits that don’t have a volume of tops.

However, it is too hot to wear in summer, but I think it would be good to wear it with a tight sweatshirt or a long T.

I don’t like the silhouette because the hem looks wider in the back, but I like the volume around the hips.


Reproduction denim was being created one after another in the late 90s. I knew about nylon denim but was never a candidate to buy it.

I had just started wearing the now standard Warehouse, Full Count, Denime, etc., and there was not as much information as there is today about color-faded samples of McCoy’s, Grand Alls, Kapital, and other talented denims that I had never worn.

After accumulating some experience with replica denim, I had many opportunities to see used Nylon denim with a nice faded color, but I basically don’t like denims with thick ounces, so I avoided them.

As a resident of Bangkok, the thickness of the fabric is a bit hard to handle, but if I spend most of my time inside a building, it is not a problem, and I would like to enjoy the color fading little by little.