TCB Jeans / Pherrows releases denim with “1800s” motif!

TCB Jeans/Pherrows will release denim with an “1800s” motif.

This year is the 150th anniversary year of Levis.

The original family will release a model from 1873, when Levi’s was born, but the two brands will release a model based on a brand other than Levi’s.



リーバイス 150周年 1873

Pherrows Frontier Series

The series will be released in 2019. As the name Frontier (pioneer) suggests, it is inspired by the denim worn on the American western frontier itself.

pherrows frontier

I remember the feeling that Fellowes had cut a path for us in the reproduction brands that did not offer very thick models at the beginning of the 2019 launch.

The indigo dye looks shallower than the first year’s model. This model is to be released before summer, I wonder if the color has been made with the season in mind.

A denim jacket will also be available at the same time, so it can be worn as a set-up.

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TCB Good Luck Jeans

Goog Luck Jeans is the second release in the “Viktors Voice” series, following the release of Olympic in 2021.

The year 2023 is said to be the 150th anniversary of the 501.
Should we of course also make Two Horce of 1873? We were asking ourselves, “Should we make the Two Horce of 1873? Then it occurred to us that when we filmed the interview for the last Viktors Voice, we were told, “I have a special piece that I dug myself. I had a special piece that I dug myself,” he said. “Between 1873 and 1890, Levis held the patent, so other brands couldn’t use rivets and had to use dirt stitches.

It will be a reproduction of the brand’s attempt at strong sewing that should compete with Levi’s rivets.

The feature is the sewing of high-load parts, and Warehouse also released a number of models using this era of sewing.

However, as with the “Olympic” brand, I was reminded of the sheer number of reproductions that Warehouse has worked on.

It seems to have the deepest crotch of all the TCB denim.

The silhouette around the waist is also slightly rounded, which is unusual for TCB.

*Please note that the product is available for pre-order until May 20!

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