Flathead Lot.5005XX

Flathead’s 5005XX.

I remember it was in the 5000s, but there were several variations of it and I forget which one I bought.

Flathead Fading


Flathead denim

Purchased at HINOYA in Ameyoko, Tokyo in 2007. I wore them on a daily basis for about six months.

After that, it was one of the most memorable ones that accompanied me on my backpacking trip for about a year and a half as one of the main backpacking trips starting at the end of 2007.

Flathead Fabrics

The standard flathead is the 3005XX, but the 5005XX is different in fabric and dyeing.

The fabric is light at 13.5 ounces, and the tate-ochi is more moderate than 3005XX. Nevertheless, thetate-ochi is stronger than other brands.

The dye was darker than 3005XX and the speed of color fading was slower due to the thinner fabric.

Flathead denim Faded

Due to the thinness of the fabric, the tate-ochi fall are fine.

The color fades slowly, but it has faded so far in about 2 years total, just from backpacking trips.

flathead denim fading

Back pockets are quite tired.

I hemmed it after one wash, but it is not twisted too much.

Maybe it was not the Union Special’s 43200G.


Coin pocket with selvege.

The rivets are also original.

Flathead's leather patch.

The leather patch is unique to the 5000 series. It does not look like cowhide and may be SHEEP (deer).

Flathead red tab

The red tab is “FLAT.H”.

Silhouette of Flathead 5005XX

Height 174 cm, weight 65 kg. 31 inches.

I wore them more than 10 years ago, but the fit true to size.

Flathead silhouette

The silhouette is quite shapely.

When I bought it, it was useful in the fall and winter when I had a voluminous jacket.

They are now saggy, but they were nice and straight when I first started wearing them, so I think they can be worn in a UK style, or with a single leather jacket for a taller person.

Flathead Silhouette

The hip area is also 66-like in other companies.


The fading of flatheads is a matter of taste, but this fabric in the 5000 series is likely to be accepted by a wide range of people.

At 13.5 ounces, it is not too painful to wear in the summer.。

When it comes to summer jeans, full-count jeans rise to the top, but they are firmer and more masculine than full-count jeans, so looking back on them like this, I think they were good jeans.

If there is a model in this fabric with a tapered silhouette, I would like to wear these jeans again.

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