Evis Jeans Faded – Aura of Old EVIS

エヴィスジーンズ 経年変化

Now that tucking in has become the norm, it would be cool to wear Evis jeans.

And the paint was dull and greenish in color, so a 90s Evisu would fit in nicely with the vintage look.

Evis jeans faded.

So here is what we got.

It would have been great if the paint was a little thinner and more worn, but that’s hard to do when it’s the right size and in good condition. Nevertheless, I think this one has an atmosphere that is close to ideal.

There is no particular need for beards, etc., so this level of color fading is sufficient.

Features of Evis Jeans

I think that the brand is one of the four major brands of the replica jeans boom, but the direction has gradually progressed to the designer type, and I think that there are few people who are currently following Evis Jeans in an ongoing fashion.

I was one of those who did not touch it because it was actively manufactured in China and the color fading aspect and other aspects have not changed since then.

I just thought Silhouette was the best brand, because I was quite influenced by the style books that were released in the 90s.

I’ve always wanted to try them, but have avoided them because of the fading and the heavy ounce (especially NO.1 denim), but now I think they might be a possibility, so I decided to buy them.

Evis Jeans (No2) Fabric

Evisu Jeans Aging

The fabric is stiff and not very uneven; I thought it was 14.5 oz, but it feels like it could be 15 oz when I put it on.。

Surprisingly, the vertical drop goes in.

The atmosphere is not bad.

No.2 denim has flat ears, so they don’t show at all. it’s like a replica from the early 90’s.

Nevertheless, the color fading in these areas has a unique aura.

The atmosphere of the paint is also good, and the total unique aura of Evis Jeans is the result of this age.

Parts of Evis Jeans

I don’t know what Evis is now, but this is the top button under the name “Style Craft”, the previous brand.

The rivets are also “Style Craft” originals.

The top button is made of gold Scoville.

The slake is also made by Scoville. Many other reproduction brands are also made by Scoville, but the parts are bulky and have a different texture.

Red tabs from the EVIS era. It’s “EVISU” now.

Close-up of paint.

It’s a nostalgic patch.

Thoughts on Evisu in the 90s

The silhouette is as you would expect from Evis, with the outside of the waist rounded. The silhouette is as you would expect, but I think it has more of a work feel than the current model.

However, I still think the silhouette of Evis jeans is superb.

The fabrics are also unique to Evisu, and although they are very different from vintage Levi’s, I think the atmosphere of Evisu in the 90’s is unique.

The only miscalculation is the thickness of the fabric. The numerical ounce is the same as the current NO.2 denim, which is 14.5 oz, but it feels like more than 15 oz when I put it on.

As a resident of Thailand, this is a completely impossible area for me. So, I put them on hold indefinitely, but I wouldn’t mind buying one if the current model is as comfortable as the ounces. (After all, the silhouette has its own charm.)


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